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This past week has felt like a roller-coaster.  

roller-coaster ride image from Photobooth

roller-coaster ride image from Photobooth

Come on, admit it, you have them too!  One minute you’re up…the next you’re down….hang on tight for the corner….the expected, yet somehow unexpected, drop out from under you….then you coast again.  I wasn’t feeling well and got a text from a friend to look outside my door.  I looked outside and there was a hot coffee from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.  There was also a 10 day pass to a local yoga studio!  What a perfect combination for me.  Many thanks dear-heart!!!


A major task this week has been paperwork.  I managed to complete two of the six major ones I have to finish.  So back to the papers for me after I upload this blog.  Two down, four to go!  The cat has been an added incentive to finish the mound o’ papers. She decided to climb all over the piles on my desk to wake me up.  The sound of falling pages definitely got me out of bed!

Thought I had completed my second painting but a day later I noticed a detail I left off.  So that is back into the rotation.  Won’t take long to remedy, but I will need a steady hand for the fine detail.  I like to work on multiple projects at the same time, so I will begin my third and  fourth at the same time.

Another boost to my week was $20 dollars for Valentine’s treats.  So, I decided to buy some hair dye and have some fun.  I was going to try to do it myself.  I scoured the web looking for 2-tone hair color pictures.  I even tried You Tube.  I managed to find a few pointers on how to do the process.  I am very grateful for my girlfriends!  This time it was Jeanine to the rescue!  She came over and colored my hair for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to go to the salon because I LOVE the hair-stylist I have, (she is AWESOME at her art), but that visit just is not in my current budget.  BUT, having girl-time and $15 dollars was in my budget this week!  Priceless! Thanks again Jeanine!

two-tone hair

two-tone hair

This is the back view when braided.  Just a fun thing to try, at least once in my life.  So many things to experience. 

I’m grateful that the sun is shining and it is a beautiful day.  I am also grateful to have all of you in my life.  Thanks !


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happy-valentines-day So I awoke this morning and decided to make cupcakes for my Valentine’s Day.  Not that I really need an excuse to make cupcakes, but it was an added incentive today.  Went for a walk down to the beach and out on the Pier.  There were lots of people out today.  I heard one couple complain that they couldn’t get into the restaurant on the Pier because they didn’t have a reservation.  I saw a bridal party, or at least the bride and bridesmaids on the docks.  The bride was getting photographed with an older man that looked like a fisherman…Not that he had on a Morton’s salt type outfit or anything but he looked like the classic  stereotypical  fisherman icon come to life.  He was holding the bride’s hand and congratulating her.  Further out on the dock I saw some young (teenage) boys walking and laughing.  One of them was sending out his fishing line…not into the water mind you but out onto the dock.  Yep that’s right, in the middle of the walking path of everyone on the dock.  Why would he be doing this you ask?   Well, on the end of his line was a dollar bill. He and his friends were quite amused by the whole thing.  After making my way out to the end of the pier, I heard some adults joking about it as well.  They had big smiles on their faces.  Seemed to make their day.   Asking each other if they each had tried to pick it up.

There were also dolphins.  A pod that seemed to be having a good time and must have found some fish to follow or something because they made a loop back in a way that I don’t normally see them do.

The vibe I saw today wasn’t one of super-duper  loviness, but a general good natured vibe.  The day was beautiful and it was reflected in the people I encountered.  Even those that couldn’t get into their chosen restaurant.  They simply moved on to another one.  Perhaps Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be solely about the person you are with….but a reflection of positive, good  natured   love that we can put out into the world.  

If you like the picture of the cupcake go to my kitchen page to see more.  Have a great day!

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