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As midnight is fast approaching I will make this a short but sweet post about Ravelympics and Craft or Bust update.

  • I crossed my first finish line in the Ravelympics in the Lace Luge event.  More details and pics later….
  • Still working on TwitKAL Traveling Woman but this deadline might be missed because of participating in Ravelympics.
  • Still sorting through photographs, yes it can take me this long to narrow them down sometimes.
  • Completed a pen line drawing for my Sweetie.

More to come….but for now I must get some rest for the games tomorrow!

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Where has this week gone? Just that type of thought makes me laugh.  I have been here for the entire week.  New things keep entering my life and I am finding it very exciting yet it makes the days go by so fast.

I am still on my spree of clearing(a.k.a cleaning of) space and I am seeing and feeling a real difference in my space and in my mind.  When inspirations strikes an artist, it is best to go with the flow. If that means dumping everything off the lazy Susan that holds all you miscellaneous bathroom type items in your hall closet because you want to use the turn table for a still life set-up, well that is what you do.  Needless to say that is what happened to my closet and so it has sat, a complete jumble of items that I was not ready to undertake.  This week the time finally came to undertake the task and it felt wonderful! It felt great to clear out two shopping bags worth of things that I no longer needed in that closet and in my life.  I desire to clear out the things in my life that just take up space.  Sometimes I look at some things and think, why am I keeping this thing?  The more I get my living space together the more my life feels like it is coming together in a new found synthesis.  It is a beautiful thing unfolding like a flower before my eyes.

Craft or Bust Update:

  • I completed the square I was knitting for a RAK member.
  • My Traveling Woman seems to be traveling by foot, lol!  She is gaining ground but it is slow going.
  • I found a wonderful assortment of books at the library on Making lace and also on felting. I have been reading about needle felting techniques and also felt-making in general. I see the potential for using felt pieces in some of the new mixed-media pieces I have in my mind’s eye. I was ecstatic to see they had a book I had really wanted to buy  when it was first coming out.  What made me want the book, Little Felted Animals by Horvath, was the picture on the cover.  I wanted to make a little black cat(the one on the cover is white) but at the time didn’t have the spare cash.  So I tucked the memory into the back of my mind and was so happy to find it at the library.  I sat down eager to read it but as I made my way through the book I discovered it was not what I expected.  Basically the first two pages I found very helpful with the basic needle-felting techniques.  The rest of the book is beautifully illustrated with step by step guides of how to form each animal and I believe it would be very helpful for some people.  I do love the illustrations and photographs but I was hoping for more on techniques because I am not short on ideas or creations that I want to make.
  • The next book I opened  Complete Feltmaking easy techniques and 25 great projects by Gillian Harris seems to be just what I am looking for with loads of knowledge for a newbie.  I am only a little way into the book and am very happy with the information I am finding in this book.  I look forward to reading more!
  • I have narrowed down my latest photographs to 207 and am sorting through them.  I find the best thing to do is to narrow down, then walk away for a bit.  I will be uploading them to my on-line gallery sometime this month(hopefully sooner rather than later).
  • My clearing process has restarted my Inspiration Book again.  What do I mean by an Inspiration Book? Some might call it a journal but it consists mainly of visual images. Some people use vision boards too.  Sure I have some images pinned up on a board as I find some that inspire me but I also have several books going.  I had a somewhat intimidating pile of magazines and various images that I had ripped out of magazines and such that I decided to look through. So all those images and photographs get glued into a book.  I find inspiration all around me.  I see more hearts and inspiration coming into my life and hope to share them with the world.  Wondering if I should blog more about these books?  Let me know if there is an interest.

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This week has just flown by as I have been creating and crafting/arting away. Lol!  I said arting! Yeah, I know I am silly and that is okay.  Spending too much time being so serious has not exactly benefited me in the past so why carry it with me into the future?  That’s not to say that I do not have a serious side, believe me it is still there, but I am finding a balance.  I am learning what I need to let go of from my life and I am finding it to be a wonderfully profound experience.

I do not hide the fact that I find great inspiration from the beach. Last Sunday I was looking at the Yarnista blog post that was called “What will become of me?” It was a picture of some beautiful yarn that immediately reminded me of the shoreline in San Clemente.  I was so inspired that I left the following comment and I wanted to share it with all of you.

“I walk along the sandy shoreline and see your beauty filling my eyes and my heart. Taking off my shoes and socks my feet are covered in the embrace of your sparkly caresses. As I soak in your beauty not only through my eyes but with each step I take I am so hesitant to leave your companionship. I hear the roar of the waves as they momentarily alter out union, rushing in but unable to break our connection. I wander along feeling alternating kisses of warmth and cool upon my feet. What will become of you? I sit down with you and pull forth your loving colors, the colors of the shoreline, the colors of nature, the colors of the beach. You are not the colors of the sea, you are the colors of the earth as it meets the sea. My heart is open and embraces the beauty that resides within you. I work these colors into a beautiful shawl to wrap around my body as I envision the sandy shoreline hugging me in a lover’s embrace. A tear rolls down my cheek as we depart but I find my heart warms as I know I am embraced by your love.”

To see the photograph of the yarn that inspired this comment in me then click on the Yarnista link above.

Sometimes I forget that the beautiful beaches in San Clemente require maintenance.  Some of the walk ways to the beach fill up with beach sand and need to be shoveled out periodically.  Other areas need more heavy equipment to rearrange the sand.  Here is a prime example.

Time for my Craft or Bust update:

I am continuing to work on my 12×12 inch square.  Should be done within the next week and mailed by next Friday.

I am slowly making some progress on my Traveling Woman shawl for the TwitterKAL.

I took about 500 photographs that I need to sort through to upload to my Fine Art America Gallery.  Depending on time constraints it will take me a week or two to sort through them all and pick out the ones I like the best.

I finished my Art Card Exchange for Imbolc.  I have some pictures to share from that but not until it is received.  So later in this week I will post some pics and share more details about the process.

Well that is my update for now.  I am off to spend a little time with my family.  Have a great night.

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I read an article about tonight’s full moon.  It is the biggest and brightest of 2010, tonight’s moon is called the Wolf Moon. Here is a link to the article. I was surprised to see what it had to say regarding beaches and the full moon…although it makes perfect sense when you think about it.

My Traveling Woman shawl is moving along at a very slow pace but moving along nonetheless.  Will post pics of my progress sometime this weekend.

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Before I officially call it a night tonight I thought I would post a quick update about today.

I mailed my Imbolc Art Card Exchange earlier this afternoon.  I will post more about this in the next few days.  I also began the TwitKAL.  It took me a few tries to get the start of it to come out to my liking.  I got about halfway done with the first section.  As you can see in this photograph, I had a helper beside me the entire time.

So many exciting things happening and I look forward to sharing them here, in due time.  Ah, patience is such a virtue.

Sweet dreams….

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With all the craftiness going on in my ‘verse, Craft or Bust (CoB) seems only natural. I got a good chuckle at my list of goals as being described as a “quite organized set of goals”. I do like organization. ha ha! Although sometimes people do not understand my system of organization, particularly those only meant for me to follow! The list below is meant for everyone to be able to follow so I guess I should begin with a rundown of creative adventures from this week.  I will be doing a weekly check-in on Sundays as I participate in the group.

  • I am working on a 12×12 inch square for someone in the RAK group.  There is a  lovely soul there organizing to make afghans, or as she referred to them, comfortghans.  She is honoring several slain police officers. If you are part of Ravelry check it out here. Maybe you have time to knit or crochet a square or two? She is requesting they be made in 100% acrylic. Could be the perfect way to use up that acrylic you want out of your stash….only requirement is they be in red, white, and/or blue.
  • I signed on for my first art card exchange.  The theme is Imbolc and the exchange has been organized by Jen over at Chasing Domestic Bliss.  I have been busily working away on my card and am thoroughly enjoying this process.
  • I prepared(frogged) my yarn for my Traveling Woman lace project.  New beginnings. 🙂  I did get to see how many times I caught some of the individual fibers when making a stitch…hmm need to watch that one more carefully from now on. Largest piece I have ever frogged.
  • Working on some new photography.

I have been continuing with my theme of clearing your space clears your mind.  I have a friend that laughs when I tell her I am cleaning. “You cannot possibly have that much stuff”, she says as she laughs.  I did my best to explain to her that for me cleaning, or better yet clearing, is a process. In a way, it is like a meditation.  Letting go that which does not(or no longer) suit(s) you.  I can feel the difference in my home as I clear my space.  The theme of clearing out the old to make way for the new is in perfect time for Imbolc.  New beginnings.

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I feel like my head was swirling around today but in a good way. Meditation seems to help bring clarity.  Things have begun to click a bit and interweave together in a beautiful way and I am very grateful. I signed on to participate in a KAL on Twitter (aka #twitKAL).  The cast on date begins on January 27th so for those interested in signing up you should visit Spazzy Amber here. She has written up the details about the KAL there.  I was VERY happy to see that the pattern that was chosen(by votes) was for the Traveling Woman by Liz AbinanteLiz’s website features the pattern for free and you can also find out details about it on Ravelry here(if you belong).  I started this same piece in a KAL late last year but did not finish it.  I was so eager to start it as my first lace project and my first piece in Alpaca but I lost my gusto. Perhaps because it was something I wanted to make for myself and I had many other projects to make for other people.  My revised plan was to rip out the section that I did incorrectly and start over in January or February.  Well, while it was slowly making the way to the top of my to-do list I saw this twitKAL and waited with bated breath  to see the voting results.  Now I will be unraveling what I had started so I can give it another try on Wednesday, January 27th. Liz’s design was inspired by two things, one of them being the television show Bones(or if you are like me, the internet show) but I want you to visit Liz’s website to read about her inspiration. My inspiration for making this piece is it will be my first completed lace piece and I am so happy to have a group of people to work with as I go.  I am also very excited as I begin to explore the non-100% acrylic or dishcloth cotton fiber world.  Not that I have anything against them, I just never really knew the other world of fibers existed.  Well I guess in some way I knew they existed but they were not part of my normal realitySO here I am in 2010 beginning to push boundaries within my own reality and that is a good thing. Here is the picture of my alpaca yarn patiently waiting for Wednesday.  I will be ready and open to making these changes in my life.

Ironically, or should I say serendipitously, working on this twitKAL works beautifully with my Craft or Bust challenge.  Gee, do I call this a challenge? Well, Quicksilver Crafter set up the guidelines as “1. Join whenever.
2. Stay as long as you like.
3. Create, check in, be inspired, show off your craftigoodness, feel good.”

Come-on!  How can you beat those guidelines? Feeling Good sounds fab to me! Keeping with my desire to follow where my heart leads me, I had to really think about my personal guidelines.

Here is what I decided: 1. To craft, or better yet, create in the physical form the visions residing in my head and dreams. 2. work on various knitting/crochet/sewing/needlework projects that are in my storage bin in particular a twenty year old cross stitch(that I want to finish for someone that I think will love it). 3. Actually upload pieces to my Artfire store.

Seeing it is now the wee hours of the morning I will call it a night and hopefully have time tomorrow(or Sunday) to fill you in on a few other things that fall within the realm of Craft or Bust.

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