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Who is this costumed couple? Mr. & Mrs. Darensbourg

It is Varuna & Michelle Darensbourg! This special moment was captured by Steve Magana(thanks Steve!). I will be busily working away on the computer this week.  Not only do I have many updates regarding the Netherworld Art Show but I also have a few changes in store for this website. I have a large new body of work some of which I will be making available on this website as well as adding different images to my Fine Art America on-line gallery.  I just returned last week from a photography trip traversing New England. So for those that love photographs from New England, particularly this time of year, you are in for a treat! The timing of my trip seems perfect as I just heard they had snow, wind, and rain  there the other day knocking down many of the leaves!  I was able to capture the quintessential New England Fall Foliage.


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