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My heart was in Rhode Island this weekend at the Kenyon’s Gristmill Harvest Festival. My body, on the other hand, was sick in California! Sinus problems seem to be going around judging by the amount of sneezing I hear coming from my neighbors. I was still debating if I was going to make the trip on Friday morning but I was feeling a bit run-down and decided against the long flight. I did manage to attend a local art and fashion show on Saturday night called Night & Day. It was a fun night. I would give you a link but I do not believe they have a website. I guess the fresh air must have been too much for me LOL as I spent all day Sunday first sneezing then sleeping from allergy meds.
BUT on a much more pleasant note…I WAS just recently in New England! I had planned to make two trips to Rhode Island in October, but only my first trip came into fruition. It was an amazing trip. Last year I had been too early for the fabulous, and might I add legendary, New England Fall Foliage. This year I watched the weather reports, checked in with my family and friends back east, foliage reports and updates on the web. I took an educated guess, put my cards on the table, and booked my flight. As luck would have it, my timing turned out to be perfect for amazing foliage! I gratefully began my journey by heading to Maine with Christian. He is a great friend that was totally up for an adventure, we spent several days exploring northern New England for foliage areas to shoot and had tons of time to catch-up as we hadn’t seen each other in awhile.   We found a great little restaurant to have lunch, and surprise surprise they had a lobster lunch special!(I think 9 out of 10 restaurants had a lobster special on their boards!)

Lobsta!Toni, who lives in Maine, had some great insights into the coastal areas of Maine that were in beautiful color. Guided by Toni(thanks Toni!), Christian and I stumbled upon the 3rd Annual Pumpkinfest in Damariscotta. What a lively little town! Giant pumpkins lined the streets waiting to be carved, decorated, and painted.  Here is one of the entrants for the competition.

King Elder's Pub

There were many artists working on carvings and here is one that I particularly liked the direction I was seeing it going.

Carving in progress.The artist working on this one is a designer.  She has some great clothing designs on her website but I think many are sold out right now. She does have some jewelry currently in stock and it is sure worth a visit to her website. I’m sure she would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding her designs!  We were asked if we were going to stay for the Pumpkin Regatta….that’s right, the Pumpkin Regatta! We didn’t stay for it but I found pictures on this blog for the http://damariscottapumpkinfest.blogspot.com/. They actually carve out huge pumpkins to make boats. It is definitely worth a look! They also have links to some great pumpkin recipes too!

I also popped into a local little yarn store called Pine Tree Yarns. Yarn Store in Maine If you are ever in Damariscotta you should definitely pop in and check out this store! Loaded with local Maine Fiber and a delightful array of hand dyed fiber. Unfortunately I cannot find the card for the wonderful woman that was working the store that day! I believe she said it was run by 5 fiber artists(I should have taken notes, forgive me if I get the info wrong, but feel free to contact me for corrections). The woman working that day specialized in weaving. She told us about a nearby Art Walk and a great fiber studio so we headed to Topsham to check out the Maine Fiberarts. The sun was setting as we arrived in Topsham so I couldn’t  take any more foliage pictures.

I love to do fiberwork although I would definitely say I am a novice in that department. I had a great time at the Maine Fiberarts studio, another place you should definitely check out! They were so knowledgeable and friendly! I wish I was closer to attend their events!

Well time to go make some dinner!  Much more news to come!!!!

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What do johnny cakes and buddha have in common?  That is how I started my morning!  As I think everyone realizes, in the States especially, it is 9-11-09.  Yes, I know where I was when I first heard the news. On this day especially, I am focusing on joy, contemplation and remembering to honor each of us those living and those passed.  Sometimes it takes a specific occasion for us to pause in our lives and give a moment for gratitude, reflection, and remembrance.  

I started my morning thinking of the red, white and blue and my roots…which stem from New England.  I dug out my Kenyon’s Johnny Cake Cornmeal and then remembered that I had some Kenyon’s Red Cornmeal.  I used the recipe off the back of the Johnny Cake bag and made Red, well more pink, johnny cakes.  They sell white, red, and blue cornmeal so if you are looking for a patriotic meal I suggest red, white, and blue johnny cakes. Make each batter separately and you can mix the finished johnny cakes on a plate….YUM!!!!!  Unfortunately we used up all of the Strawberry Rhubarb Jam from my last trip to Kenyon’s. As I was only making breakfast for two, I just made red ones today but I have made the white ones and blue ones too! ***NOTE to my Gluten-free friends, Kenyon’s has a disclaimer on their website regarding those with food allergies. As those with food allergies know, always read the fine print. ***

I personally LOVE Johnny Cakes made from KENYON’S Cornmeal and make them often…I might be  a little biased  because I grew up in R.I.  All I can say is Yummy!

Here are a few pictures:

So that was breakfast, where are the buddhas?  I sent out a new e-letter for my on-line gallery.  Here is the heart of the letter:

If you would like to receive future emails please contact me. 

keep breathing

Keep Breathing…Summer has provided me with a wonderful amount of contemplation time. Contemplation of where I am and where I am going, while staying in the present moment. Buddha

I am extremely grateful for all of you in my life and the wonderful blessings that come my way on a daily basis. Several of you have inquired about the series of contemporary Buddha heads that I made this spring….wait no longer! This month I am featuring those paintings. In the future I will also be including additional images based on Buddhist imagery; some contemporary, some traditional.

Thank you for all the support and feedback during my on-line gallery launch. It was a huge success and that was accomplished through all of you! 

I will continue to include new images in my on-line gallery between these email announcements I send out. So please feel free to view all my artwork by selecting the various gallery tabs on my FAA (Fine Art America)home page. 

Come Celebrate the Spirit of October with an adventurous group of artists in San Clemente, CA. The Green Flash Gallery hosts THE NETHERWORLD SHOW. You can go to the link provided below for updates, more info, and to sign up for announcements regarding this fun-filled event. 
October 16th, 2009 from 6PM-11PM Artist Reception for the Netherworld Show. Costumes encouraged. 

**If you can not make the opening, watch your email in mid October for the latest release of prints available through FAA of my pieces from the show! ** you must sign-up for these emails 🙂


I am excited to say that The Sydney Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Show debuted at the Powerhouse Museum in Australia. I contributed 3 pieces of coral to the exhibit but was unable to physically attend the show. There is a slideshow that was lovingly composed by Kaz. She was another artist that contributed to the coral reef exhibit.
The Sydney Slideshow is available for viewing through my weekly blog on my website below. 

If you are receiving this email letter, it means our paths have crossed during my journey. I maintain my own mailing list so if you would prefer to not receive these updates, just reply to this message and ask to be removed. I do appreciate hearing from all of you and welcome feedback. 
Of course if you know someone that you would like to share this email with you have my permission to forward this along to them. 

Thank you for joining me on my artist journey! 

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WOW!  Where has the last week gone?  Seems the time has really flown by!  Those following this blog on a regular basis will have already read my posts regarding the AWESOME time I had at Kenyon’s Gristmill in Rhode Island.   If you haven’t read it yet…here is the first post.  I also posted more photographs and a father’s day post here.

Why am I re-mentioning previous blog posts?  Well, I am one of the photographers featured on the Kenyon’s Gristmill Homepage! 

If you haven’t checked out their website yet, what are you waiting for??? Click here to visit Kenyon’s Gristmill homepage  and to see my photographs too! You can find out information about more tours happening this summer.  Let me tell you, if I were in Rhode Island on July 25th & 26th I would go back for another tour & try the FREE kayaking too!  I believe the Alpacas will be back too….check out the website for all the details.   OH and FREE JOHNNY CAKES….MY PERSONAL FAVORITE!

In the fiber arts realm…I am voraciously hooking away(that means crocheting to those non-fiber people) on my fiber submission.   I have about another week before I need to get it shipped out.  Pictures will follow.  Stay tuned!

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I am finalizing a few details for my online gallery.  Will be done anytime now….BUT in the meantime, here are some pics from a trip to the Roger Williams Zoo in Rhode Island.  Hope you enjoy!

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Happy father’s day to all the dads out there.  Thinking of my Dad today makes me need to write some more about this event at Kenyon Corn Meal Company. I did get to speak to my Dad on the phone today but the last time I got to visit my Dad & Mom we went on a little adventure.  When I get to visit Rhode Island I usually try to do things that bring back wonderful memories and also to have new experiences. This last trip provided adventure, reminiscing, and new experiences.. I asked my Dad if he knew if we could go see the Kenyon Grist Mill.  We sat and looked at the kenyon grist mill website together and watched video from when Martha Stewart Living came to the mill(go to the media room link on the Kenyon site). We also noticed that there was going to be an open house with free tours of the mill and free Johnny Cakes!!  How can you beat that?! Instead of charging admission, they asked for a donation of non-perishable food or  a clothing donation. Especially during challenging economic times, I am so grateful to the Drumm family for hosting such a wonderful event.  Many families are looking for ways to enjoy a day out.  I noticed they were offering more tours  throughout the summer for those that might be interested.

When I spoke with my Dad today he brought up the previous Kenyon Mill post and mentioned that he really liked the pictures so….here is another post of images from that day for all the Dads out there and to the Moms too!  

During the tour Paul Drumm III was describing the various equipment where the corn is ground including the wooden spindle  known as a damsel. While we were on the tour my Mom asked Paul a question.  “If the damsel has problems spinning around do they call it a damsel in distress?” People got a good chuckle out of that one!  She’s a quick witted lady!

I hope more people take the time to share special memories with the ones they love.  We can all make a difference in the life of someone else.  Even a small act of kindness can go a long way.  Random acts of kindness can multiply and we can change the world…one life at a time.

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