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My good friend Heather over at Mandrake Tattoo in Raynham, MA (great artist! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, HER!  Go see her for custom work!) strongly suggested I go lighter blonde this time with my hair.  Since we have been friends FOREVER I decided to follow her advice.  I was off to buy my latest hair coloring.  I purchased a light blonde color, un-red drops to add, and a stronger color lifter than I have used in the past.  Please note that I am NOT a hairdresser, nor do I claim to be. There have been many hairdressers in the family and I spent plenty of my childhood in beauty salons….but I am not trained as one.  THAT SAID, I am sharing my hair saga to tell you what I do….NOT that you should do it the same way!  

The last version was red underneath and medium blonde on the top.  This time I only used one color, the light blonde which I added the lifter and the un-red.  I was hoping to take some of the red color out but it didn’t really lift the red.  Even the medium blonde didn’t lift much.  The roots came out a beautiful light blonde color though.  SO next time I will go to the maximum color lifter and see what happens.  Still trying for the light blonde Heather 🙂 Here are a few quick pics.

I managed to keep the two-tone effect using one color this time.  Next time I will have to get two colors again.  I will say it is challenging coloring your own hair and not getting the color stains all around your ears, neck, cheeks, and hairline!


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