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I have a few minutes to blog today so I want to share a few pics.  I went kayaking for the first time and it was SO much fun!  I went to Kenyon’s Grist Mill where the Queen’s River Kayak Company was running a special on their kayak rentals.  I could write a long post but as they say a picture is worth a thousand words, let me share those instead!

Thank you to folks at Kenyon’s Grist Mill and Queen’s River Kayak Company for a fantastic experience!!!  If you are in the Rhode Island area give it a try!

My Craft or Bust Update:

I have been helping out my folks for a bit and kayaking  was a much appreciated and adventurous break. Thank you to my Auntie Vicki for helping me out so I could go on this adventure!  I was able to take some pictures this week. 🙂  So I’m back on track for my Craft or Bust Adventures too!

Oh! I almost forgo that I haven’t written about the Fiber Festival that I went to….but that might need to wait until I have the time to upload all the pics!!!

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As I slowly free space up on my computer, I get closer to October 16th.  That is the day or should I say night that marks the Artist reception of The Netherworld Art Show.  The show is taking place at the San Clemente Art Supply’s Green Flash Gallery. The shows are up and down in a flash…literally!  The show opens on Friday the 16th from 6PM-11PM featuring a catered artist reception. Additional hours for viewing will take place on October 17th from 10AM-5PM and then the show comes down. With the show being the main thing in my life and on my mind right now, there will be many blogs about the show and updates between now and then.  Only two weeks to go! Sneak Peak at the Emerald UniverseI am figuring out the final touches on my costume for the reception.  Maybe not as crazy as some of my costumes of the past but still a fun one. No frozen pieces of ice hanging off my face and hair!  I might post a few sneak peeks of my costume before the Artist reception…..maybe…..  Hope you can join us that evening!

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