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I am looking at the date showing on my computer and can hardly believe we are already a week into 2010.  I am still finding myself going to write 09 but I have been catching myself before I write the nine.  I discovered that it is easy to slip a 1 in front of the zero as long as I have not written in the 9 yet.  Last year I made my resolutions and am happy to say that I followed through on them to my satisfaction.  Towards the end of last year I began to contemplate the resolutions that I wanted to make for 2010. Then as the New Year came, an interesting thing happened….I no longer felt the desire to make a list of resolutions. Now this is not to say I am not making a few changes in my life but I am not as steadfast on establishing a set list. This year I have decided to make positive changes in my life as the opportunity unfolds before me.  I am not forcing the changes but being patient for them to evolve in a more natural way. So today I went for a leisurely walk down to the beach and it felt good, it felt right.  I listened to the birds and the waves.  I watched the “new mommies” working out in a group with their babies in strollers.  I watched the surfers waiting for waves and even catching a few too.  I watched the life in everything around me.  As I did this I could feel the life in me too.  It was peaceful.


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