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I feel like my head was swirling around today but in a good way. Meditation seems to help bring clarity.  Things have begun to click a bit and interweave together in a beautiful way and I am very grateful. I signed on to participate in a KAL on Twitter (aka #twitKAL).  The cast on date begins on January 27th so for those interested in signing up you should visit Spazzy Amber here. She has written up the details about the KAL there.  I was VERY happy to see that the pattern that was chosen(by votes) was for the Traveling Woman by Liz AbinanteLiz’s website features the pattern for free and you can also find out details about it on Ravelry here(if you belong).  I started this same piece in a KAL late last year but did not finish it.  I was so eager to start it as my first lace project and my first piece in Alpaca but I lost my gusto. Perhaps because it was something I wanted to make for myself and I had many other projects to make for other people.  My revised plan was to rip out the section that I did incorrectly and start over in January or February.  Well, while it was slowly making the way to the top of my to-do list I saw this twitKAL and waited with bated breath  to see the voting results.  Now I will be unraveling what I had started so I can give it another try on Wednesday, January 27th. Liz’s design was inspired by two things, one of them being the television show Bones(or if you are like me, the internet show) but I want you to visit Liz’s website to read about her inspiration. My inspiration for making this piece is it will be my first completed lace piece and I am so happy to have a group of people to work with as I go.  I am also very excited as I begin to explore the non-100% acrylic or dishcloth cotton fiber world.  Not that I have anything against them, I just never really knew the other world of fibers existed.  Well I guess in some way I knew they existed but they were not part of my normal realitySO here I am in 2010 beginning to push boundaries within my own reality and that is a good thing. Here is the picture of my alpaca yarn patiently waiting for Wednesday.  I will be ready and open to making these changes in my life.

Ironically, or should I say serendipitously, working on this twitKAL works beautifully with my Craft or Bust challenge.  Gee, do I call this a challenge? Well, Quicksilver Crafter set up the guidelines as “1. Join whenever.
2. Stay as long as you like.
3. Create, check in, be inspired, show off your craftigoodness, feel good.”

Come-on!  How can you beat those guidelines? Feeling Good sounds fab to me! Keeping with my desire to follow where my heart leads me, I had to really think about my personal guidelines.

Here is what I decided: 1. To craft, or better yet, create in the physical form the visions residing in my head and dreams. 2. work on various knitting/crochet/sewing/needlework projects that are in my storage bin in particular a twenty year old cross stitch(that I want to finish for someone that I think will love it). 3. Actually upload pieces to my Artfire store.

Seeing it is now the wee hours of the morning I will call it a night and hopefully have time tomorrow(or Sunday) to fill you in on a few other things that fall within the realm of Craft or Bust.


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Over two weeks into January…..what have I been doing? Well after a bit of a hiatus in my yoga practice I am back.  My biggest challenge right now is to allow my practice to be integrated with my daily life.   Once again the theme of balance arises. On average it works out to about an hour or two of yoga/ meditation/ practice a day.  It might sound like quite a bit but when you are in the moment of it, it seems like just that, only a moment.  That is not to say that every day is exactly two hours, it depends on the day.   Today was quite a bit less, but nonetheless I find my mind returning back to the place of practice.  Again this returns to my thoughts of the New Year, no set New Year’s resolutions.  If I skip a day entirely that is okay.  I will know when I need to practice and will honor that feeling…..the feeling is my own intuition.

I am blessed to have wonderful people in my life, some I have physically met while others I have not.  Many wonderful people helped me complete this quilt as a gift for my husband.  Thank you all for this gift! I have been able to combine most of the fabrics I received through the Ravelry RAK(Random Acts of Kindness) group. I have some different weights of material that I received that I am using to make pillows.  I also received some lace swatches that I will be using on the pillowsOriginally my plan was to use the lace to make my outfit for the art show I was in last October but that did not work out.  I let those know in my request that if I was not able to use the lace for the dress then I would be using them in the quilt.  My original vision for the quilt was more of a crazy quilt with lots of surface embellishment but as the material began to arrive in the mail the vision of the quilt evolved before my eyes.

The back of the quilt is made from a full size top(flat) sheet that a friend had given us quite some time ago.  It had worked its  way to the back of our hall closet and had not seen the light of day for many, many months.  Now it has a new life and is being used in our home everyday.  Using the sheet helped me finish this quilt as it gave me a perfect template for the size and the squared edges that I SO needed after improvising the design.  I do not foresee any more large quilts in my future, but lap size or crib size are highly probable.  Possibly a large one assembled from smaller ones…but first I have pillows to make! I hope to have the first pillow done by the end of this month.

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I am looking at the date showing on my computer and can hardly believe we are already a week into 2010.  I am still finding myself going to write 09 but I have been catching myself before I write the nine.  I discovered that it is easy to slip a 1 in front of the zero as long as I have not written in the 9 yet.  Last year I made my resolutions and am happy to say that I followed through on them to my satisfaction.  Towards the end of last year I began to contemplate the resolutions that I wanted to make for 2010. Then as the New Year came, an interesting thing happened….I no longer felt the desire to make a list of resolutions. Now this is not to say I am not making a few changes in my life but I am not as steadfast on establishing a set list. This year I have decided to make positive changes in my life as the opportunity unfolds before me.  I am not forcing the changes but being patient for them to evolve in a more natural way. So today I went for a leisurely walk down to the beach and it felt good, it felt right.  I listened to the birds and the waves.  I watched the “new mommies” working out in a group with their babies in strollers.  I watched the surfers waiting for waves and even catching a few too.  I watched the life in everything around me.  As I did this I could feel the life in me too.  It was peaceful.

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December first is here. WOW, where has this year gone? After achieving my NaNoWriMo writing goal I began to think about the Resolutions I made at the beginning of this year. I am happy to say that I have kept with my blogging goal. I feel that if you are going to blog, then you really need to do it, even if some of the posts are short in length. I personally find it disappointing when someone starts a blog and then doesn’t update it. I’ll go back a few times to check but after that my desire to check it wanes. So that being said, I have done my best to update with posts on the average of once a week. With only 4 weeks left in this year, I am confident I can maintain the rest of this year and uphold my own resolution. I am a little bit behind on my goal of my twelve new born hats but I will be returning to that this week and am confident I can meet that goal as well. In truth, the hats work up fairly quickly. I have already donated some of the hats I did make this year to several different charities. I promised a very special lady a dozen hats for the New Born ward at her hospital so I plan on making twelve hats before the end of the month to send to her.

What has currently been on my hook, aka crochet project, started off to be a rug but has since evolved into the beginnings of a market bag. A girl can change her mind you know! My Mom sent me the crochet hook I am using for the project. The hook actually lights up and you can practically crochet in the dark! Thanks Mom, it works great!
Here is a picture of the bag in process.

Yesterday being the last day of the month I decide to list a bunch of items on my local Freecycle group. I posted a dozen or so items and the experience has been very interesting. I love the idea of keeping usable items out of the landfill. Sometimes you have an item that you just no longer have a use for but you hang onto it because it is too good to just throw away. I found I had one of those piles. So I took several hours taking measurements, writing descriptions, taking pictures and submitting my “OFFERS”. I probably did not need to take that long but this was my first time posting so many items at once and I wanted to make sure to do it right and make less work for the volunteer moderators that check each listing.
Our Mod had sent out a message suggesting that perhaps we(the group) could find some items that were no longer needed(or wanted) and maybe they could make someone’s holiday season a little brighter. I took that to heart as I began my clearing out process. I know I have more to clear out but I made the first step in what I believe makes a difference in this world. I met several nice people in the process. I heard from single moms, families, individuals, and some of the recently laid-off population. They touched my life and I am grateful. Grateful for what I have and also grateful for what I can share.
Have you thought about what you can do to make a difference? Sometimes what we perceive as the littlest thing, or no big deal, might make a huge difference in the life of someone else. I know this has been true in my life. Thank you to those of you that have touched my life.

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7-8-9 As timing worked out today is the launching of my on-line gallery!  I know it has been in the works for quite some time.  Thank you for all your support and patience!  Here is my first email regarding the new gallery….if you didn’t receive it in your email account that means I don’t have your email! If you would like to receive it please use the contact form tab and send me a request.  I would be happy to send you updates!

July 8th, 2009 – 01:32 PM

 My new on-line gallery!

Welcome to the premiere of my on-line art gallery. Why an on-line art gallery? The basis of my friends and family has grown worldwide and I find my sense of community growing as well. What better way to share my artwork with all of you than through the Internet? As a seeker, I am continually searching for ways to break boundaries particularly those self-imposed. So here we are, the boundaries of space are broken. Time zones and physical locations no longer hinder this sharing.

 Several months ago I gave a friend a private showing of some of my photographs. She told me, “You need to stop hoarding your art and share it with the world!” After several long face-to-face discussions with people on both sides of the United States, I found the gumption to commit to my on-line gallery.

 We begin this first journey by pausing to breathe in the moment and taking a closer look. Looking at the pauses, we experience moments in time captured through photography. This first collection is filled with peaceful moments of solitude as well as memories with friends.

 During this summer I will begin my themed art shows on-line that will include an interactive artist reception. I will have a designated time where I will be available for live chatting to answer any questions you may have or just share the experience in real time. Watch for more details!

 I will also continue to participate in physical shows too! I have one fiber piece in progress for a group show in Australia and more! Check my blogs for updates.

 Thank you for all your support and encouragement.

 This Art Gallery Blog will keep you up to date on my current and upcoming art events. I also publish a weekly blog that is a smattering of my life activities and thoughts. (You are already reading that one..lol!)

Welcome to the journey!



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The end of the month is almost here!  I am feverishly at work organizing photographs to launch my online gallery by the end of this week.  Technically it will be the beginning of July.  I am hard at work on the online gallery, future blog posts(including one from a zoo trip), and several other art projects.  Keep checking back for updates.  Right around the corner!

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Here we are in April and I am still following through with my Resolutions! Shiny! I finished the topper for the hat that was almost completed earlier…I made a little fish to top off the hat instead of a pom-pom. I am beginning to get a little more adventurous with my crocheting.

Crochet fish

Crochet fish

Here is a detail of the fish. Just click on the image to the left if you want a larger view. The completed hat is in the larger image below. I had quite a bit of fun with this hat. I decided to outline the fish in blue to make it stand out from the rest of the hat…at least a little bit.

Lil' Fish Hat

Lil' Fish Hat

The hat is stuffed with a ball of yarn to take the photo and the roundness of the ball REALLY shows in this picture! lol Maybe I should call it my fishbowl hat!

Continuing with wanting to embellish my hats a bit more I also worked up this latest addition to the hat collection.

Blue Baby Bear

Blue Baby Bear

I didn’t stuff a yarn ball inside this one so it doesn’t look as full and round.

I see more animals in the future… Still have several more hats to complete to fill this resolution. As this is only April, I am well on my way.

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