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As many of you know, I was a finalist in the Organic Gardening Magazine Reader’s Photo contest.  Well, I stopped in a bookstore yesterday and when I saw the magazine section I decided to see if they carried the magazine. I saw it was the Feb/March issue and I thought the results were going to be in the January issue but  decided to look at the issue anyways because I just love the magazine. Then I was looking through the pages I saw the winning image! It wasn’t mine, but my name is listed in the magazine as one of the top finalists. Maybe it sounds dorky but I am ecstatic to have MY name listed in a magazine that I love to read. This is my first time in a magazine AND they spelled my name right. 🙂 So for those interested in seeing the winning image AND just seeing my name in print check it out on page 16. At the end of the article they list that my image, and those of the other finalists, can be viewed online at OrganicGardening.com. A huge thank you to those that did take the time to vote for my image. Still dreaming of a DSLR and as it is on my list, I know it will happen one day. Thank you to Organic Gardening Magazine for sponsoring this contest and for all the great info you share with the world. *If you mind this image being shared here, please let me know and I will take it down. No intention of violating Rights on your magazine*

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I am slowly updating this website to reflect more current things in my life. First thing that regular visitors may  notice is that I have added a “Massage/Bodywork” tab above. This tab and the pages connected to it are a loving work in progress. One I could have done last year, but for some reason the time just didn’t feel right until now.  So, the updates begin and I will allow myself plenty of time to get the pages to convey my information as heartfelt and accurate as possible. Massage/bodywork/energy work/healing  all come from my heart and it is important to me to try to present it via written word  as appropriate to that place.  Therefore I am giving myself the gift of time and patience to complete the updates.

I feel like the little bee in this picture. I have been out collecting all this pollen and now it is time to make my way back to the hive. If you look closely it almost looks like legwarmers, 80s flashback moment!

I am still waiting for the winner announcements from Organic Gardening Magazine. Ahh patience is a virtue!

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September already!  Wow! Thought it was about time for an update for those of you following my blog. To begin with, I just found out that I am one of the Top Ten finalists in the Organic Gardening Magazine photo contest! I cannot even begin to express how excited I am about this news. The following is a link to the photo contest, my image is number 3. Because I want to make sure there isn’t a conflict in showing the image on this page, I will ask you to click on the link to check out the image as well as view the other finalists. I will show another one of my bee images at the bottom of this blog post.  I took both images with the same camera. The photo for the competition was taken using my Canon Powershot. Yes, that is correct, I use a point and shoot as I currently do not have a professional level SLR. People always seem surprised when I tell them what camera I use.  I have always been one of those make the best of what you have type of people and I have been very happy with the results of my macro shots using my Canon Powershot. I won’t deny that I would love to upgrade in the near future, possibly by winning this contest! Online voting is open through the end of this month and you can vote once a day if you want. I appreciate your votes as it will help bring me one step closer to winning.

I have a passion for taking photographs of bees. I have been following any news posts I can find on the disappearing bee. I have had conversations with a man at the local farmers market regarding his bees, the quality of the honey production, and their dropping numbers. I have expressed my interest in bees to other artists and have been sending out feelers for other artists that might want to participate in an art show to raise awareness to what is happening to bees and how it will effect all of us.  Not just in terms of the sweet honey the bees provide but in the pollination of our plants.  Ah, the interconnectedness of life!

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  • Life seems to be a series of multitasking, particularly lately.  I am typing this with my cat sleeping on my lap and I am also listening to a lecturer speak online about QiGong.  The typing here is going somewhat slow as I listen and organize the thoughts for this post while also following the lecture.  Why am I telling you this? Well, that is my life at this moment.  This is what my process today is consisting of, not that I am sure that is how I want it to be, but that is what it is at this moment.
  • I have been spinning more wool but I am a slow spinner.  I really do it purely for enjoyment. It helps to slow my mind.  I did have to do an emergency repair on the hook on my spindle earlier today when it dropped mid-spin and landed on the floor. I am almost done with the second single ply so I can ply the two together and hopefully have enough to start the slipper I have in mind.
  • I am particularly grateful for my family for their love and support during this time when I really need it.  2011 is a time of major transitions and knowing I have their support means the world to me. Thank you and I love you!
  • I have been exploring the world of making Kombucha.  It has been a series of trial and error but I am now getting consistent results that are really tasty! Here are some pictures which include the books I used for guidance.  Thank you to Patrice for giving me my first mushroom to get me started!

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I seem to be more about posting pictures here lately than I am about actually writing much of a blog post.  I have been feeling more introspective than anything else.  I do have a  few pics to share and I’ll put a caption under them so there is a tad more to read, lol! Between school, studying, library, and day-to-day stuff, I haven’t had much free time lately.  I do have some art and fiber related projects floating around in my head so hopefully you will see more about that here soon.

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I have a few minutes to blog today so I want to share a few pics.  I went kayaking for the first time and it was SO much fun!  I went to Kenyon’s Grist Mill where the Queen’s River Kayak Company was running a special on their kayak rentals.  I could write a long post but as they say a picture is worth a thousand words, let me share those instead!

Thank you to folks at Kenyon’s Grist Mill and Queen’s River Kayak Company for a fantastic experience!!!  If you are in the Rhode Island area give it a try!

My Craft or Bust Update:

I have been helping out my folks for a bit and kayaking  was a much appreciated and adventurous break. Thank you to my Auntie Vicki for helping me out so I could go on this adventure!  I was able to take some pictures this week. 🙂  So I’m back on track for my Craft or Bust Adventures too!

Oh! I almost forgo that I haven’t written about the Fiber Festival that I went to….but that might need to wait until I have the time to upload all the pics!!!

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I have been tied up with family stuff for the last several weeks. I did manage to take a few pictures today when I let the dog out to go to the bathroom.   Haven’t had a chance to download them onto the computer yet to really look at them.  Just wanted to say I am here and checking in but have not had much time to post….or to craft….  Hopefully soon 🙂

BUT you can vote for my photograph for People’s Choice in the Spanish Village Foundation Photography CompetitionYou can see my photograph and vote here.

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