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Saint Patrick’s Day brought me a lil’ luck o’ the Irish.  I finished a healing/prayer shawl I have been working on since the beginning of February.  I prefer to call it a Good Vibes Cuddly.  Many, if not all, of the yarn brand websites offer various free patterns. The pattern I tried to follow was this one that I found on the Lion Brand site. It is a free pattern that mentions the following, “Developed by Janet Bristow and Victoria Cole-Galo, co-founders of the shawl ministry, this shawl is made with the trinity stitch.”  I really like the concept behind the shawls.  As I am focusing on living with intention, the idea of knitting something for someone with an intention just seemed perfect.  To read more about the Prayer Shawl Ministry click here. I, being someone that focuses on vibrations, enjoyed reading up a lil’ bit on some of the different reasonings they saw to mark different occasions with a shawl.  I won’t re-list them here, but feel free to check out the above mentioned link to their site for more info on what they are doing.  I truly hope the recipient knows how much love, laughter and good vibes went into the making of this cuddly with her in mind.  Here is a picture.



Good Vibes Cuddly

I added lots of fringe and hope it adds to the cuddle factor.  
















That was my St. Patrick’s Day celebration…how fitting that the Cuddly is green!

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This morning is the first day I have not had a pounding headache in days(have had a head-cold).  I reheated leftover coffee from yesterday, the perfect amount for one large cup.  Made my way to the computer to check my emails.  I usually take a peak at headlines and saw something about an animal video so I clicked the link to check it out.  I didn’t find it very funny.  THEN this one played and I found it hilarious and inspiring.   Maybe it is just because I am still waking up, but it made me laugh and I replayed it too!  Made me think, “hey, if this bird can get this kind of exercise for over 2 minutes straight then I can too!”  Now granted I know I need to exercise for more than 2 minutes straight but my POINT is I am left feeling inspired and light-hearted.  What a great way to begin a day.  I hope this does the same for you.  We need more good-natured laughter in the world.

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