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Ravelympics is well under way and I have now received medals in two events!  GO TEAM COLORBOMBers!!  Woo Hoo!!!

I received this as my first medal.  I completed my first evah lace piece.  I am excited to say that I learned several knew stitches to make this project.  This piece of momentous occasion is destined for a very special recipient so pictures on this blog will have to wait a little bit longer. 🙂

This was my second medal for my speedily ripping out of a project abandoned many, many moons ago.  The yarn has been reclaimed and will be used in another project, possibly before the completion of Ravelympics.

I have been reading The Lacy Knitting of Mary Schiffmann by Nancy Nehring.  Well, I write that I am reading it, but it is full of patterns.  I am familiarizing myself with reading charts and patterns.

In short, my world is full of fiber arts through the end of Ravelympics.  So be prepared for more fiber related posts for the next two weeks.  For those not part of Ravelry, I will be including some pics for you too in the upcoming posts.  Keep an eye out.

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As midnight is fast approaching I will make this a short but sweet post about Ravelympics and Craft or Bust update.

  • I crossed my first finish line in the Ravelympics in the Lace Luge event.  More details and pics later….
  • Still working on TwitKAL Traveling Woman but this deadline might be missed because of participating in Ravelympics.
  • Still sorting through photographs, yes it can take me this long to narrow them down sometimes.
  • Completed a pen line drawing for my Sweetie.

More to come….but for now I must get some rest for the games tomorrow!

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