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  • Life seems to be a series of multitasking, particularly lately.  I am typing this with my cat sleeping on my lap and I am also listening to a lecturer speak online about QiGong.  The typing here is going somewhat slow as I listen and organize the thoughts for this post while also following the lecture.  Why am I telling you this? Well, that is my life at this moment.  This is what my process today is consisting of, not that I am sure that is how I want it to be, but that is what it is at this moment.
  • I have been spinning more wool but I am a slow spinner.  I really do it purely for enjoyment. It helps to slow my mind.  I did have to do an emergency repair on the hook on my spindle earlier today when it dropped mid-spin and landed on the floor. I am almost done with the second single ply so I can ply the two together and hopefully have enough to start the slipper I have in mind.
  • I am particularly grateful for my family for their love and support during this time when I really need it.  2011 is a time of major transitions and knowing I have their support means the world to me. Thank you and I love you!
  • I have been exploring the world of making Kombucha.  It has been a series of trial and error but I am now getting consistent results that are really tasty! Here are some pictures which include the books I used for guidance.  Thank you to Patrice for giving me my first mushroom to get me started!

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