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This has been a crazy week for me full of family stuff.  My Mother is going in for surgery(good vibes, good thoughts, or healing prayers for her are welcome and appreciated) and I have been trying to help her out a bit before she goes in because she has a month or two of recovery time ahead of her. That will be taking up much of my time for the next few weeks but I am going to do my best to fit in some crafting and art time too.  I have my camera with me and spring has definitely sprung so I look forward to capturing some of the beauty I see around me.  There are some beautiful trees, that I think my Mom said were ornamental pears, that have beautiful white blossoms on them.

I do have a few things to report for my Craft or Bust update:

Thank you for my Craft or Bust Award!  I really appreciate my special badge.  A round of applause to all the Craft or Bust participants.  You all have helped to inspire me to Craft or Bust!  I see new crafting adventures ahead for all of us!

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