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This is my Craft or Bust update too:

I have been spending quite a bit of time visiting the library over the last few weeks.  There is a “free” box outside the library that offers various magazines.  I have been dipping into the realms of the free magazines and finding a wonderful collection of visual images for my Inspiration book.  You can tell by the picture that I have selected many images to include in my book or journal.  I tend to use both names to call what I do here because I do not limit the book to just magazine pictures. I include drawings, doodles, notes, recipes, pictures and virtually anything that strikes my fancy for one reason or another.

This has been my inspiration for this week and I think it inspired my husband a bit too.  He sat beside me on the couch last night and looked at my pile of images.  A few caught his eye and he commented that it looked like I had found some great inspiration.  I agreed with him.  I have gone through two glue sticks in the last week. Happily I found an extra one while I was cleaning.  Sometimes I work on this book  A LOT! Other times I might work on it once or twice a week.  Right now, I am spending hours upon hours on this Inspiration Book and feeling , well...inspired! I find it inspiring and meditative at the same time.

I have also been working with the hand-spun art yarn I made, trying to make a hat.  I want to make a brim for the hat but so far I have tried three times to design my own but I am not happy with the results yet.  I’ll give it another try next week. Anyone have suggestion as to making a brim on a hat…similar to a visor on a baseball hat? I found one pattern on Ravelry but I need to eek out some more hand spun if I am going to have enough yarn.  I want to make this hat entirely out of my hand-spun if I can.

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Where has this week gone? Just that type of thought makes me laugh.  I have been here for the entire week.  New things keep entering my life and I am finding it very exciting yet it makes the days go by so fast.

I am still on my spree of clearing(a.k.a cleaning of) space and I am seeing and feeling a real difference in my space and in my mind.  When inspirations strikes an artist, it is best to go with the flow. If that means dumping everything off the lazy Susan that holds all you miscellaneous bathroom type items in your hall closet because you want to use the turn table for a still life set-up, well that is what you do.  Needless to say that is what happened to my closet and so it has sat, a complete jumble of items that I was not ready to undertake.  This week the time finally came to undertake the task and it felt wonderful! It felt great to clear out two shopping bags worth of things that I no longer needed in that closet and in my life.  I desire to clear out the things in my life that just take up space.  Sometimes I look at some things and think, why am I keeping this thing?  The more I get my living space together the more my life feels like it is coming together in a new found synthesis.  It is a beautiful thing unfolding like a flower before my eyes.

Craft or Bust Update:

  • I completed the square I was knitting for a RAK member.
  • My Traveling Woman seems to be traveling by foot, lol!  She is gaining ground but it is slow going.
  • I found a wonderful assortment of books at the library on Making lace and also on felting. I have been reading about needle felting techniques and also felt-making in general. I see the potential for using felt pieces in some of the new mixed-media pieces I have in my mind’s eye. I was ecstatic to see they had a book I had really wanted to buy  when it was first coming out.  What made me want the book, Little Felted Animals by Horvath, was the picture on the cover.  I wanted to make a little black cat(the one on the cover is white) but at the time didn’t have the spare cash.  So I tucked the memory into the back of my mind and was so happy to find it at the library.  I sat down eager to read it but as I made my way through the book I discovered it was not what I expected.  Basically the first two pages I found very helpful with the basic needle-felting techniques.  The rest of the book is beautifully illustrated with step by step guides of how to form each animal and I believe it would be very helpful for some people.  I do love the illustrations and photographs but I was hoping for more on techniques because I am not short on ideas or creations that I want to make.
  • The next book I opened  Complete Feltmaking easy techniques and 25 great projects by Gillian Harris seems to be just what I am looking for with loads of knowledge for a newbie.  I am only a little way into the book and am very happy with the information I am finding in this book.  I look forward to reading more!
  • I have narrowed down my latest photographs to 207 and am sorting through them.  I find the best thing to do is to narrow down, then walk away for a bit.  I will be uploading them to my on-line gallery sometime this month(hopefully sooner rather than later).
  • My clearing process has restarted my Inspiration Book again.  What do I mean by an Inspiration Book? Some might call it a journal but it consists mainly of visual images. Some people use vision boards too.  Sure I have some images pinned up on a board as I find some that inspire me but I also have several books going.  I had a somewhat intimidating pile of magazines and various images that I had ripped out of magazines and such that I decided to look through. So all those images and photographs get glued into a book.  I find inspiration all around me.  I see more hearts and inspiration coming into my life and hope to share them with the world.  Wondering if I should blog more about these books?  Let me know if there is an interest.

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