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Deciding what to make with a yarn can be a challenging process. My latest hand-spun went through several transformations before becoming a final finished object.  I began crocheting but then switched to knitting for awhile.  Then I decided I didn’t like the crochet portion of the crochet and knit combination because I liked the way the knitting was working up better so I frogged the whole thing and began to knit it only.  I tried two different size needles, 15 and 11 but then I decided I wanted to see how it would look woven.  So I dug around in the house and found an old stretched canvas that would work as a makeshift frame loom.  I grabbed a hammer, nails and a ruler and set-up my loom.  I did my best guesstimate and surprising my measurements worked out pretty darn good! After removing it from the loom I used the extra yarn that I had left at each end to crochet a doubled chain strand for tying it together to form a headband.  I took some pictures but the day is very overcast so here is the best I could get today….enough words! Here are the pictures!


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As I continue stash busting, also known as doing my damnedest to work with supplies I have in the house, I spun up the last of my silk, cotton, sparkly, and I think llama fibers.  I am SO happy with it I couldn’t even wait for it to fully dry after being wet set before I took pictures.  Here is a little photo gallery of some fun images from this week so far:

It’s funny because I am not one that is usually so happy with the things I create but I love the yarns I am making! I feel confident enough to actually say so and that is really a great feeling! Confidence is a good feeling.

The other pics are of my second hand-made journal and an acrylic painting I am finishing.  The second journal attempt I am going to call a learning process and scrap as I tried to do some different fabric and the glue won’t work on it to my satisfaction so I will make another one and stitch the top layer to a secondary layer before gluing.  The acrylic painting, so far so good.  The top layers are drying as I type and will be ready for the preliminary sealing tomorrow.   The whole piece should be ready by Sunday.  I am hoping I have a small enough frame in the house or garage….time to start searching the storage bins.

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I am happy to share my news of completion.  I have knit and crochet in my very own hand-spun yarn two projects! Yeah!  VERY exciting stuff for this newbie to spinning! Remember this yarn that I spun? Well I knit that hand-spun into a finished object(FO) I am calling the Bitchin Headband, nuff said. My description from Ravelry is “This is my first two ply spindle spun art yarn with explosions of colorful Colorbomb fibers. I knitted this into a headband that can double as a cowl(collar) to keep my head/ears or neck warm. It is soft, fuzzy, sparkly, and colorful. I am super happy with this FO.” See the pictures:

I have also posted a picture of my Granny’s hook gone bad boy hat(Ravelry link but I am posting all the same info here for those not on Rav). Here is my brief description of this hat: So this little bad boy gave me quite a time with the edge of the hat. I kept trying to get a lil’ visor going but to no avail….but I worked it up with a nice little edge in the end.
Made with spindle hand-spun arty yarn made by me. All the colorful locks are from Colorbomb Creations!

Just thought I would keep you all updated 🙂

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This is my Craft or Bust update too:

I have been spending quite a bit of time visiting the library over the last few weeks.  There is a “free” box outside the library that offers various magazines.  I have been dipping into the realms of the free magazines and finding a wonderful collection of visual images for my Inspiration book.  You can tell by the picture that I have selected many images to include in my book or journal.  I tend to use both names to call what I do here because I do not limit the book to just magazine pictures. I include drawings, doodles, notes, recipes, pictures and virtually anything that strikes my fancy for one reason or another.

This has been my inspiration for this week and I think it inspired my husband a bit too.  He sat beside me on the couch last night and looked at my pile of images.  A few caught his eye and he commented that it looked like I had found some great inspiration.  I agreed with him.  I have gone through two glue sticks in the last week. Happily I found an extra one while I was cleaning.  Sometimes I work on this book  A LOT! Other times I might work on it once or twice a week.  Right now, I am spending hours upon hours on this Inspiration Book and feeling , well...inspired! I find it inspiring and meditative at the same time.

I have also been working with the hand-spun art yarn I made, trying to make a hat.  I want to make a brim for the hat but so far I have tried three times to design my own but I am not happy with the results yet.  I’ll give it another try next week. Anyone have suggestion as to making a brim on a hat…similar to a visor on a baseball hat? I found one pattern on Ravelry but I need to eek out some more hand spun if I am going to have enough yarn.  I want to make this hat entirely out of my hand-spun if I can.

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