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Over two weeks into January…..what have I been doing? Well after a bit of a hiatus in my yoga practice I am back.  My biggest challenge right now is to allow my practice to be integrated with my daily life.   Once again the theme of balance arises. On average it works out to about an hour or two of yoga/ meditation/ practice a day.  It might sound like quite a bit but when you are in the moment of it, it seems like just that, only a moment.  That is not to say that every day is exactly two hours, it depends on the day.   Today was quite a bit less, but nonetheless I find my mind returning back to the place of practice.  Again this returns to my thoughts of the New Year, no set New Year’s resolutions.  If I skip a day entirely that is okay.  I will know when I need to practice and will honor that feeling…..the feeling is my own intuition.

I am blessed to have wonderful people in my life, some I have physically met while others I have not.  Many wonderful people helped me complete this quilt as a gift for my husband.  Thank you all for this gift! I have been able to combine most of the fabrics I received through the Ravelry RAK(Random Acts of Kindness) group. I have some different weights of material that I received that I am using to make pillows.  I also received some lace swatches that I will be using on the pillowsOriginally my plan was to use the lace to make my outfit for the art show I was in last October but that did not work out.  I let those know in my request that if I was not able to use the lace for the dress then I would be using them in the quilt.  My original vision for the quilt was more of a crazy quilt with lots of surface embellishment but as the material began to arrive in the mail the vision of the quilt evolved before my eyes.

The back of the quilt is made from a full size top(flat) sheet that a friend had given us quite some time ago.  It had worked its  way to the back of our hall closet and had not seen the light of day for many, many months.  Now it has a new life and is being used in our home everyday.  Using the sheet helped me finish this quilt as it gave me a perfect template for the size and the squared edges that I SO needed after improvising the design.  I do not foresee any more large quilts in my future, but lap size or crib size are highly probable.  Possibly a large one assembled from smaller ones…but first I have pillows to make! I hope to have the first pillow done by the end of this month.


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The halloween themed quilt I have been making for my husband is almost done.  I was really shooting to have it finished today but since midnight is fast approaching and my eyes are tired, I am ready to call it a night. Before I head off to catch some zz’s, I will leave you with some pictures.

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Yesterday was a gluten free baking extravaganza in my kitchen! We were headed to a Christmas dinner with friends and I wanted to make some holiday goodies to bring to help celebrate. I dug my Christmas tree cookie cutters out and wanted to make one to take with us. I haven’t made one in probably fifteen years but I still keep these cookie cutters. Only problem was I couldn’t find the booklet that goes with them! I also have a package of shaped cookie cutters from Wilton’s Christmas Collection from 1992. Wilton’s website offers an updated version of their cookie recipe you can find here. The recipe I used came off the old box and is slightly different from the one in the link. I find that when cooking with Gluten Free Flour you have to make a few adjustments. I did not use the almond extract but I might try that next time. I used Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free all purpose flour combined with Xanthan Gum. I found that the cookies came out better if I lowered the cooking temperature a bit, but it is possible that my oven runs hot. The consistency of the dough made it a little tricky to figure out how to get the cut dough from the table to the cookie baking sheet. Sometimes I used a spatula (even two)to move them onto the baking sheet. Some of them I pieced together within the cookie cutter directly on a cool baking sheet. My tree did not look like the one on the Wilton site. It had more of a Dr. Seuss feel. I made lime squares too using the same Gluten Free flour. The lime squares call for powdered sugar which contains cornstarch. I wasn’t sure if there was gluten in cornstarch so this is what I found if you are curious.
Here are some pics…as you can see I frosted the tree with butter-cream frosting and candies.

Today I was surprised to get an email asking if the free desk was still available. I responded yes and they were more than eager to come get it straight away! So now I will have to find another large flat surface to finish my quilt but I am very grateful that the desk found a new home.

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Saturday provided me with ample hours of quilt making. I have outgrown the kitchen table and needed to go work on the desk in my garage that I am trying to give away. Maybe that is why I have not found a new home for it yet, I am using it to work on my quilt project! The desk measures 3ftx6ft and I have 14 inches draping down over each end.

Dinner. Saturday night is pizza night, well at least this Saturday was. Above are some pics of the gluten free pizza crusts I made from Bob’s Red Mill Whole Grain Pizza Crust which is a wheat free, gluten free, and dairy free product. I made a pesto from scratch and also used a jar of red sauce. Topping included nutritional yeast, black olives, pine nuts and my personal favorite…carrots. Yes that is correct I LOVE carrots on my pizza!

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I got this idea in my head that I wanted to make Varuna a Halloween themed quilt for Christmas. I participate in an on-line forum for Random Acts of Kindness. People in the group can post a wishlist or just respond to someone’s wishlist. I had requested scraps or fat quarters of Halloween fabrics or any scraps that I might be able to use in my quilt. I received a great assortment of fabrics.
With NaNOWriMo over and my word goal met I am working on holiday gifts for the remainder of the month. I cleared the kitchen table and spread out all the fabrics that I had generously received and the few that I had purchased. I ironed them all then began the painstaking task of trying to figure out how I was going to approach this quilt. I have started several quilts in the past but just realized today that I have never actually finished a full quilt! I thought for awhile about how I wanted to make this piece. Did I want to follow a pattern? Did I want to created a repeat design? Did I want to make a crazy quilt? I’ll be honest I have always had a fascination with crazy quilts. I would love to assemble a quilt from velvet, corduroy, lace satins and all types of materials but I was staring at a table full of 99.2% cotton material that quilters normally use. So I decided to just cut up a few pieces and begin to sew. Half of the material is in irregular shapes already as what I had asked for were just scrapes of materials that people might have leftover from their projects. You know the kind of scrap too good to toss even though you probably will never use it again? Well people were generous and shared these with me as well as some fat quarters. So I took out my scissors and began to cut. I stopped. Then I found another pair of scissors and began to cut again. I stopped again. Hmmm, I found out all my scissors are shot, but that did not deter me. I used the best pair of what I could find in the house and though my fabric edges are choppy, no one will see those when the quilt is finished. So if you see my jaggedly cut edges, I really can cut…..the scissors are just not sharp. Here are a few pictures. I am unable to make the image files smaller at the moment so be forewarned if you click on them they will take a minute or so to load.

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