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Saturday provided me with ample hours of quilt making. I have outgrown the kitchen table and needed to go work on the desk in my garage that I am trying to give away. Maybe that is why I have not found a new home for it yet, I am using it to work on my quilt project! The desk measures 3ftx6ft and I have 14 inches draping down over each end.

Dinner. Saturday night is pizza night, well at least this Saturday was. Above are some pics of the gluten free pizza crusts I made from Bob’s Red Mill Whole Grain Pizza Crust which is a wheat free, gluten free, and dairy free product. I made a pesto from scratch and also used a jar of red sauce. Topping included nutritional yeast, black olives, pine nuts and my personal favorite…carrots. Yes that is correct I LOVE carrots on my pizza!


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What have you been up to? The proverbial question always on our mind when someone is off the radar for a bit.  I could post a laundry list here but I am going to be selective in my recent activities.  I have been very busy painting and creating for the upcoming Netherworld show taking place in October.  I will post more details about the show as it gets a little closer.

I am very grateful to be a new owner of a gently used bread machine.  Varuna and I have wanted one FOREVER and a dear friend offered us one last week.  The night I received it I had to drag out whatever kinds of alternative flours and ingredients I could find in the house in the dark recesses of my kitchen….including expired yeast.  Did this stop me? NO!  I threw all the ingredients into the machine and waited.  The smell of fresh bread began to permeate the house.  We were both salivating at this point but it was getting really late and we needed to get up relatively early the next morning.  The machine doesn’t have a timer on it and I am still learning about the cycles so I had no idea how much longer the bread was going to take. We finally decided to go to bed sometime after 1 a.m.  Within minutes of getting into bed, beep, beep, beep!  The end of cycle timer signaled the bread was done.  I climbed back out of bed because I didn’t want the blade to get stuck in the bottom of the loaf.  I made my way to the kitchen and lifted the top of the machine and my heart sank.  There sat a golden brown deformed looking muffin that was as hard as a rock.  A small piece broke off as I struggled to get it out of the baking pan.  I decided to try it and thought I was going to break my tooth!  Varuna had also been lured to the kitchen by the aroma of fresh bread.  I think he might have said “huh” at this point. We unplugged the machine and went back to bed.

Never being easily defeated in the kitchen, I am a tenacious experimenter that is willing to try again and again until I perfect a recipe. I am also like that with my acrylic painting techniques! I love to experiment, I LOVE to cook and I love to eat too.  After I picked up more ingredients, including good yeast, I tried my hand at pizza dough.  The result was fairly good for being gluten free although it was a little thick as I can’t seem to find my rolling pin and had to improvise with a pint glass(the only smooth sided glass in my cupboard).  Next time I will try adding a cornmeal combo into the dough and maybe some spices too.

Last night was the next bread attempt.  I cook a lot and have learned many different techniques for what most people would call alternative cooking.  Drawing on this array of knowledge I tweeked a bread recipe out of the bread machine cookbook my friend gave me and came out with the best gluten free flour bread I have ever had.  I used an almond milk concoction in place of the buttermilk, ghee instead of butter, and several other replacements including adding a little extra water as I watched the progress of the dough forming.  The result?  Have a look for yourself.

My recipes revolve around our dietary needs and preferences which don’t necessarily belong under one specific classification.

Now that I have my blog done I need to go get in my exercise for the day and then back to painting.  Guess what we are having with dinner…..great bread!

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