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Deciding what to make with a yarn can be a challenging process. My latest hand-spun went through several transformations before becoming a final finished object.  I began crocheting but then switched to knitting for awhile.  Then I decided I didn’t like the crochet portion of the crochet and knit combination because I liked the way the knitting was working up better so I frogged the whole thing and began to knit it only.  I tried two different size needles, 15 and 11 but then I decided I wanted to see how it would look woven.  So I dug around in the house and found an old stretched canvas that would work as a makeshift frame loom.  I grabbed a hammer, nails and a ruler and set-up my loom.  I did my best guesstimate and surprising my measurements worked out pretty darn good! After removing it from the loom I used the extra yarn that I had left at each end to crochet a doubled chain strand for tying it together to form a headband.  I took some pictures but the day is very overcast so here is the best I could get today….enough words! Here are the pictures!


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I am happy to share my news of completion.  I have knit and crochet in my very own hand-spun yarn two projects! Yeah!  VERY exciting stuff for this newbie to spinning! Remember this yarn that I spun? Well I knit that hand-spun into a finished object(FO) I am calling the Bitchin Headband, nuff said. My description from Ravelry is “This is my first two ply spindle spun art yarn with explosions of colorful Colorbomb fibers. I knitted this into a headband that can double as a cowl(collar) to keep my head/ears or neck warm. It is soft, fuzzy, sparkly, and colorful. I am super happy with this FO.” See the pictures:

I have also posted a picture of my Granny’s hook gone bad boy hat(Ravelry link but I am posting all the same info here for those not on Rav). Here is my brief description of this hat: So this little bad boy gave me quite a time with the edge of the hat. I kept trying to get a lil’ visor going but to no avail….but I worked it up with a nice little edge in the end.
Made with spindle hand-spun arty yarn made by me. All the colorful locks are from Colorbomb Creations!

Just thought I would keep you all updated 🙂

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Believe it or not 2010 is here.

What a beautiful day. I saw a spectacular sunrise and had a wonderful morning meditation. I have turned into quite a morning person.  There is something magical about the morning for me. A special girl time for me and my cat.  She likes to make sure I am up for her breakfast time.  She is typically as consistent as a clock and gives me a 30 minute window like a snooze button would.  This morning was one of those mornings where she was surprised because I was up early.  She still faithfully followed me to the kitchen.  As I pulled the cord on the blinds covering the sliding glass doors, the kitchen filled with a beautiful pink glow. I sat down in her chair which is always in the doorway for the sunlight.  She blinked as the light hit her eyes and then jumped onto my lap.  Together we watched the sunrise. I couldn’t think of a better first memory of 2010. As I sat there with my cat and my warm tootsies  in my newly crocheted slippers, I felt so connected to everything. We sat and bathed in the beauty of life.  To some it might sound hokey but that is just how I felt.  I wanted to soak in the moment and the feeling of love and compassion that was running through my being. I gave the cat back her chair and sat for my morning meditation.

I decided to do a quick colored pencil sketch today and it felt strange to write 2010 beside my initials. This piece is really small so I placed it in my Christmas tree.  Most of the holiday cards I have adorning my tree are actually bigger than this piece, lol. I am toying with the idea of working smaller for 2010.  There is only so much wall space for those four foot by four foot paintings.

The slippers were easy to make but I will admit that I made a few alterations for a custom fit. ( I found the pattern on a great site with free patterns called Garn Studio and Drops Design.  I think I originally found the pattern through Ravelry [another great site] here.)

Time for some shut-eye.

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The holidays here were quiet, which I don’t mind at all. Just the three of us. The cat was very excited because she had been very good all year hoping that Santa would give her some great presents. Which he did! You can see the much anticipated Turbo Track that she had asked for last month.

She also managed to get a brand new stash of sparkly mice and balls that make a rattle noise. SO exciting!

Two years ago I started to make a scarf for my niece. I am proud to say that I finished it this year in time for the holidays. I am also thrilled that she received the package on Christmas Eve! What perfect timing! She had told me that her favorite color was black and her second favorite was blue. I had a vision of what I had wanted the scarf to look like two years ago. I had wanted to finish off the ends with metal shark teeth beads. I have been looking for the last two years and have not been able to find what I was looking for anywhere. With time ticking away I decided to put skull beads on the ends. Why skull beads? I like skulls, doesn’t everyone? Ha! Turned out to be a good choice because she loves skulls too!

This year I also made a whole bunch of cozies. The cozies were modeled after a pattern I found in Ravelry. If you are part of the Ravelry Group you can access it here. I did my best to follow the pattern but I am still learning to follow patterns and to be honest I tend to like to wing-it. I plan on January being dedicated to finishing my first lace piece so I am prepared for the challenge of buckling down and following a pattern to the letter!

The ones that I sent to my sis-in-law & brother-in-law worked great for their beer bottles! Here is a link to see one modeled on her beer….looks like a perfect fit! Love! She is a super talented gal that creates Handspun Art Yarn. You can check out Velma’s(my sis-in-law) Etsy site here.

With only a few days left in this year, I am anticipating this being my last post for this year. Perhaps I will have something pressing to announce but if I don’t, I want to Wish you all a Happy & Wonderful New Year!

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It is December 10th and I am a crazy crafting fool! I have WIP( works in progress) projects taking over my kitchen, living room and garage! Ha Ha! Move over Santa! Thankfully my husband likes seeing the progress I make so he indulges my craftiness! Yes craftiness, not messiness. Here is my most recently finished project.

I first found the pattern on Ravelry. The pattern is called Jiji by Anne Gee White. I knew I recognized this cat as the one from Kiki’s Delivery Service. I loved the cat in that animation! Thank you so much for sharing your pattern for free via Ravelry. I deviated just a tad from your original pattern but I am very happy with the results.
Okay, back to crafting!

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December first is here. WOW, where has this year gone? After achieving my NaNoWriMo writing goal I began to think about the Resolutions I made at the beginning of this year. I am happy to say that I have kept with my blogging goal. I feel that if you are going to blog, then you really need to do it, even if some of the posts are short in length. I personally find it disappointing when someone starts a blog and then doesn’t update it. I’ll go back a few times to check but after that my desire to check it wanes. So that being said, I have done my best to update with posts on the average of once a week. With only 4 weeks left in this year, I am confident I can maintain the rest of this year and uphold my own resolution. I am a little bit behind on my goal of my twelve new born hats but I will be returning to that this week and am confident I can meet that goal as well. In truth, the hats work up fairly quickly. I have already donated some of the hats I did make this year to several different charities. I promised a very special lady a dozen hats for the New Born ward at her hospital so I plan on making twelve hats before the end of the month to send to her.

What has currently been on my hook, aka crochet project, started off to be a rug but has since evolved into the beginnings of a market bag. A girl can change her mind you know! My Mom sent me the crochet hook I am using for the project. The hook actually lights up and you can practically crochet in the dark! Thanks Mom, it works great!
Here is a picture of the bag in process.

Yesterday being the last day of the month I decide to list a bunch of items on my local Freecycle group. I posted a dozen or so items and the experience has been very interesting. I love the idea of keeping usable items out of the landfill. Sometimes you have an item that you just no longer have a use for but you hang onto it because it is too good to just throw away. I found I had one of those piles. So I took several hours taking measurements, writing descriptions, taking pictures and submitting my “OFFERS”. I probably did not need to take that long but this was my first time posting so many items at once and I wanted to make sure to do it right and make less work for the volunteer moderators that check each listing.
Our Mod had sent out a message suggesting that perhaps we(the group) could find some items that were no longer needed(or wanted) and maybe they could make someone’s holiday season a little brighter. I took that to heart as I began my clearing out process. I know I have more to clear out but I made the first step in what I believe makes a difference in this world. I met several nice people in the process. I heard from single moms, families, individuals, and some of the recently laid-off population. They touched my life and I am grateful. Grateful for what I have and also grateful for what I can share.
Have you thought about what you can do to make a difference? Sometimes what we perceive as the littlest thing, or no big deal, might make a huge difference in the life of someone else. I know this has been true in my life. Thank you to those of you that have touched my life.

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Even though I have been blogging frequently I feel so far behind in my blogging.  So that being said, here is a bit of a rundown of what I want to share.

  • I am still involved in NaNoWriMo and working towards 50k words this month.
  • I have had several requests for more polymer clay pens so I have been busy working on a new batch of them.  Still deciding on if I should put some up for sale here or start an etsy shop. ANY THOUGHTS????
  • My follow-up to my afternoon in  Torrance… I met a wonderful couple from Rancho Borrego Negro in Fallbrook, California.  These super friendly people took the time to answer all my questions, and BOY DID I HAVE QUESTIONS! Kathy Lambert has an etsy shop that you can check out here. I love the pay-it-forward principle and I hope she doesn’t mind me listing her shop here but I am asking those of you that read this blog, please go check out her store.  When I find kind people, not to mention the fact that the  fibery goodness at her booth looked awesome, I like to tell other people about them.  There really needs to be more kindness in this world. At their booth they had a few large baskets of assorted roving, which they were more than happy to identify for me as I kept pulling them out and inquiring what type is this? One thing that I also thought was fun is the fact that they told me the name (the name they gave them because as you will read on her etsy site “every fiber grower has a name and many have a story as well”) of the animal from which the various fibers came. I walked away from the booth with my only purchase of the day, my first ever roving purchase!

Pics to come…..

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