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As I continue stash busting, also known as doing my damnedest to work with supplies I have in the house, I spun up the last of my silk, cotton, sparkly, and I think llama fibers.  I am SO happy with it I couldn’t even wait for it to fully dry after being wet set before I took pictures.  Here is a little photo gallery of some fun images from this week so far:

It’s funny because I am not one that is usually so happy with the things I create but I love the yarns I am making! I feel confident enough to actually say so and that is really a great feeling! Confidence is a good feeling.

The other pics are of my second hand-made journal and an acrylic painting I am finishing.  The second journal attempt I am going to call a learning process and scrap as I tried to do some different fabric and the glue won’t work on it to my satisfaction so I will make another one and stitch the top layer to a secondary layer before gluing.  The acrylic painting, so far so good.  The top layers are drying as I type and will be ready for the preliminary sealing tomorrow.   The whole piece should be ready by Sunday.  I am hoping I have a small enough frame in the house or garage….time to start searching the storage bins.


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What an interesting day.  So many things happened, including being shaken a bit by the earthquake that rocked off the coast of Baja California, Mexico. The rumble started small then got louder as bookshelves swayed.  It took the cat an hour or so before I could pry her from under the bed.  I’m sure me carrying her to her freshly filled dinner bowl helped to keep her out of hiding for a bit.

I wanted to share a picture of the label of my favorite hot sauce, Gringo Bandito.  I would have shown it in action but once again, the bottle is empty and a FULL bottle is a thing of beauty but I can never seem to take pics because we go through it so fast! Varuna & I had this at a friend’s house and we got hooked! Be forewarned you may get addicted if you try it!  Seriously I LOVE this stuff!!!   Someone quick, pass me the Gringo Bandito!!!!!! We are out right now and I am having withdrawals!!!!! Why don’t they carry this at CVS?  It would make life so much easier!

We fly through this stuff and sometimes need to pace ourselves so we don’t run out so fast!  Yum!

It is Sunday and that means it is time for a Craft or Bust update!

*On the crafty front this week, I have been very productive of partially finished projects.  I entered a local photography competition.  You can see the photograph I entered here. Not sure if there will be a people’s choice but I will keep you all posted.  The link directs you to my on-line gallery because the competition site isn’t updated yet.

*Working on my second handmade journal.  I am about half-way through with this one.

*Replaced the waistband and repaired all the seam rips in a patchwork style skirt that I wanted to wear to an Easter Service.  Every time I thought Iwas done repairing it I would find more holes.  Once I couldn’t find any more I had Varuna check with a fresh set of eyes for me(I had been at it for quite a long time at this point) and he found two more small ones.  Thanks Varuna 🙂

*I have been photographing things that I want to put into my ArtFire shop.  I should have the opportunity to do some computer work for the shop the end of this month so I am trying to prepare all my photographs now.  Thinking of listing this in my shop too, as a vintage item.  It is a cast iron bank from Electrolux.

*I picked up an unfinished acrylic painting that I started on plexi glass.  I applied the next layer of an acrylic medium and it is a slow drying process before I can work the next layer.

*Doing my best to work from my stash.  Still clearing out my space by giving away, donating or selling things that I no longer need.  I have made progress inside my home and a little bit in the garage too.  There is still much more I want to clear out.  Slow and steady wins the race, right?!

*Ripped back my hat again….thinking I just need to commit and finish out the yarn and call it done next time.  Suggestions?

The ball of yarn to the left of the hat is what I have left to work up.

*Started to work up the hand spun yarn that was orange and blue.  Remember this one? Well I am knitting it up.  I started with US 17 (12 3/4 mm) needles and frogged it.  I am now using Susan Bates size 35 needles and liking the results so far.

Since I will be using up my stash of art/craft/yarn supplies I know I will have some jewelry coming in the future, perhaps stitch markers as well.  I have had some requests for more Buddha heads too.

For those that missed the last post, Varuna finished his book.  Check it out on his blog.

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As I have mentioned before, I have been making use of the local library system and finding all kinds of interesting books on various topics.  One of my latest  is Mixed Mania:Recipes for Delicious Mixed-Media Creations by Debbi Crane & Cheryl Prater. In this book was instructions to make Debbi’s Fabric Journal(p. 71).  I followed the basic guidelines and began to gather the materials for making my journal.  I used only materials I had in the house and made due with what I could substitute for what I didn’t have an exact match.  I looked through some of the clothing I had set aside from our closets as no-longer-needed and picked my colors.  I also dug into my scraps from quilting and threw some of that in there too.  The pages are 100lb watercolor paper that I already had in the house in my supplies.  The print of the woman’s face is a stamping from one of my husband’s linoleum blocks(thanks Varuna<3) that was printed in fabric paint and heat set.  So with out further ado, here are some pictures!

I remember being fascinated with handmade books when I met a woman that made them in 1998.  I think she thought it was boring work to watch, but I happily sat for a few hours and watched her as we casually chatted while she worked.  I remember her binding had a more complex stitching pattern than this project.  I think I need to get some more books on making books because I am certainly seeing more handmade books in my very near future!

Craft or Bust Update: I thought this week was going to be a complete bust because I was feeling a tad under the weather but then I sprang back to life and created this handmade fabric journal!

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This is my Craft or Bust update too:

I have been spending quite a bit of time visiting the library over the last few weeks.  There is a “free” box outside the library that offers various magazines.  I have been dipping into the realms of the free magazines and finding a wonderful collection of visual images for my Inspiration book.  You can tell by the picture that I have selected many images to include in my book or journal.  I tend to use both names to call what I do here because I do not limit the book to just magazine pictures. I include drawings, doodles, notes, recipes, pictures and virtually anything that strikes my fancy for one reason or another.

This has been my inspiration for this week and I think it inspired my husband a bit too.  He sat beside me on the couch last night and looked at my pile of images.  A few caught his eye and he commented that it looked like I had found some great inspiration.  I agreed with him.  I have gone through two glue sticks in the last week. Happily I found an extra one while I was cleaning.  Sometimes I work on this book  A LOT! Other times I might work on it once or twice a week.  Right now, I am spending hours upon hours on this Inspiration Book and feeling , well...inspired! I find it inspiring and meditative at the same time.

I have also been working with the hand-spun art yarn I made, trying to make a hat.  I want to make a brim for the hat but so far I have tried three times to design my own but I am not happy with the results yet.  I’ll give it another try next week. Anyone have suggestion as to making a brim on a hat…similar to a visor on a baseball hat? I found one pattern on Ravelry but I need to eek out some more hand spun if I am going to have enough yarn.  I want to make this hat entirely out of my hand-spun if I can.

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Once again it is time for the weekly Craft or Bust update.  This might just be my shortest post ever.

Craft or Bust Update:

  • I spent the week happily entranced in the world of spinning. That’s it in a nutshell!

OH! I just saw this giveaway on Silver’s(a.k.a. Our Craft or Bust Capt’n) website.  Check it out at Spin Knit and Life Fibercrafts’ blog. Okay, that’s it for this week!

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Sunday again….that means a Craft or Bust Update. I am going to attempt to keep this post short and sweet.

  • I managed to do several more repeats of the pattern on the Pine Forest Baby Blanket but I discovered that those lace knitting muscles were still in need of some recuperation from Ravelympics.  Must need more red wine and massages!
  • My big news is that I finally tried spinning on a spindle.  You can scroll down a bit on this page to see the post & pics or just click here. I am so very grateful and so frillin happy too!
  • Joined in the ColorBomb Spin-a-long on Ravelry(under COLORBOMBers group on Rav).
  • Took my first batch of photographs of some polymer clay pens for my Artfire shop….but that was as far as I made it on that project.  I am proceeding very slowly on the Artfire shop but I know it will happen when I am fully ready to make it happen.
  • I also ordered greeting cards with some of my art on them.  I wanted to see the quality of the cards from Fine Art America, the on-line company I am using for prints.  I am very happy with the quality.

I was also having some major withdrawals from the ending of Ravelympics.  I found I really missed it in a way I had not expected.  The Spin-a-long helps though.

I want to express my gratitude for Craft or Bust. EXTRA BIG THANKS to Silver for organizing all of us and also thank you to everyone participating. I am finding great inspiration being part of this group.  I am expanding my horizons in ways that I had not expected.  Knowing that the updates happen on Sunday has enabled me to give myself a nice little kick in the @ss when I need it! I love seeing what everyone else is doing or, as is the case some weeks, not doing. The fact there is no real pressure, other than self-imposed, is truly freeing.  Time for those massages, red wine and a good book!

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Another week has passed as quickly as the blink of an eye.  My main project this week has been learning to use a spindle.  I began my adventures into spinning by a trip to the library to check out Intertwined by Lexi Boeger and Color in Spinning by Deb Menz.  The Boeger book I have already renewed once.  I have to admit that so far I have really only been flipping through these books and my intention is to actually read more of them before they need to be returned.  I was ready to make my own spindle and watched several tutorials on ideas for making them but then I received a surprise from my Sis-in-law Velma(three cheers for Velma! Hip hip hurray!I can’t thank you enough!) and now I have my very first spindle! What would a spindle be without fiber?  Well Velma also took care of that and sent me a beautiful bunch for fiber(see pics).  I was tad reserved about jumping in and using the beautifully colored fiber so I dug out the small bag of fiber I picked up at the Torrance festival.  Next I watched several You Tube videos. This one and this one by Abby Franquemont got me started with the spindle. You can see my first single ply in the pics below. Next I re-watched this video Velma made for YouTube. This gave me the courage to try my ColorBomb creations fibers.  I also joined up for the Spin-A-Long for Colorbomb Creation fibers on Ravelry(you need to be a member of Ravelry to see this link). After watching this video by Megan LaCore, I plied the two strands together, thus giving me my first two ply art yarn. I know I watched another video but I can’t seem to find it now but they gave a tip about running the single ply through the handle of a coffee mug to help with the tension.  Look through some of the other videos on YouTube and you might find it.  There is SO much information out there just try a few searches.  Now I just need to figure out how to set the twist and I’m good to go! There is a lot I still need to learn and I am looking forward to the journey. So I don’t get too wordy I am going to stop here and show you the visual yumminess of yarn now in my home.

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