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I have a few minutes to blog today so I want to share a few pics.  I went kayaking for the first time and it was SO much fun!  I went to Kenyon’s Grist Mill where the Queen’s River Kayak Company was running a special on their kayak rentals.  I could write a long post but as they say a picture is worth a thousand words, let me share those instead!

Thank you to folks at Kenyon’s Grist Mill and Queen’s River Kayak Company for a fantastic experience!!!  If you are in the Rhode Island area give it a try!

My Craft or Bust Update:

I have been helping out my folks for a bit and kayaking  was a much appreciated and adventurous break. Thank you to my Auntie Vicki for helping me out so I could go on this adventure!  I was able to take some pictures this week. 🙂  So I’m back on track for my Craft or Bust Adventures too!

Oh! I almost forgo that I haven’t written about the Fiber Festival that I went to….but that might need to wait until I have the time to upload all the pics!!!

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I have been tied up with family stuff for the last several weeks. I did manage to take a few pictures today when I let the dog out to go to the bathroom.   Haven’t had a chance to download them onto the computer yet to really look at them.  Just wanted to say I am here and checking in but have not had much time to post….or to craft….  Hopefully soon 🙂

BUT you can vote for my photograph for People’s Choice in the Spanish Village Foundation Photography CompetitionYou can see my photograph and vote here.

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Well I guess technically it isn’t stash busting, more stash organizing than anything else.  I am helping organize someone’s craft stash. In a way it is easier and fun poking around through another person’s stash.  We have some similar crafting tastes but I am hoping she can show me how to do some of her favorites.  If she gives me a thumbs up to post some pics of her stash I will do that, but not without checking in with her first.  In the meantime I am seeing a bunch of new supplies that I have never tried.  Hopefully I will have pictures soon.

Craft or Bust Update:

Sometimes you just need to spend time helping another Crafter….

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This has been a crazy week for me full of family stuff.  My Mother is going in for surgery(good vibes, good thoughts, or healing prayers for her are welcome and appreciated) and I have been trying to help her out a bit before she goes in because she has a month or two of recovery time ahead of her. That will be taking up much of my time for the next few weeks but I am going to do my best to fit in some crafting and art time too.  I have my camera with me and spring has definitely sprung so I look forward to capturing some of the beauty I see around me.  There are some beautiful trees, that I think my Mom said were ornamental pears, that have beautiful white blossoms on them.

I do have a few things to report for my Craft or Bust update:

Thank you for my Craft or Bust Award!  I really appreciate my special badge.  A round of applause to all the Craft or Bust participants.  You all have helped to inspire me to Craft or Bust!  I see new crafting adventures ahead for all of us!

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Deciding what to make with a yarn can be a challenging process. My latest hand-spun went through several transformations before becoming a final finished object.  I began crocheting but then switched to knitting for awhile.  Then I decided I didn’t like the crochet portion of the crochet and knit combination because I liked the way the knitting was working up better so I frogged the whole thing and began to knit it only.  I tried two different size needles, 15 and 11 but then I decided I wanted to see how it would look woven.  So I dug around in the house and found an old stretched canvas that would work as a makeshift frame loom.  I grabbed a hammer, nails and a ruler and set-up my loom.  I did my best guesstimate and surprising my measurements worked out pretty darn good! After removing it from the loom I used the extra yarn that I had left at each end to crochet a doubled chain strand for tying it together to form a headband.  I took some pictures but the day is very overcast so here is the best I could get today….enough words! Here are the pictures!

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As I continue stash busting, also known as doing my damnedest to work with supplies I have in the house, I spun up the last of my silk, cotton, sparkly, and I think llama fibers.  I am SO happy with it I couldn’t even wait for it to fully dry after being wet set before I took pictures.  Here is a little photo gallery of some fun images from this week so far:

It’s funny because I am not one that is usually so happy with the things I create but I love the yarns I am making! I feel confident enough to actually say so and that is really a great feeling! Confidence is a good feeling.

The other pics are of my second hand-made journal and an acrylic painting I am finishing.  The second journal attempt I am going to call a learning process and scrap as I tried to do some different fabric and the glue won’t work on it to my satisfaction so I will make another one and stitch the top layer to a secondary layer before gluing.  The acrylic painting, so far so good.  The top layers are drying as I type and will be ready for the preliminary sealing tomorrow.   The whole piece should be ready by Sunday.  I am hoping I have a small enough frame in the house or garage….time to start searching the storage bins.

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