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Happy father’s day to all the dads out there.  Thinking of my Dad today makes me need to write some more about this event at Kenyon Corn Meal Company. I did get to speak to my Dad on the phone today but the last time I got to visit my Dad & Mom we went on a little adventure.  When I get to visit Rhode Island I usually try to do things that bring back wonderful memories and also to have new experiences. This last trip provided adventure, reminiscing, and new experiences.. I asked my Dad if he knew if we could go see the Kenyon Grist Mill.  We sat and looked at the kenyon grist mill website together and watched video from when Martha Stewart Living came to the mill(go to the media room link on the Kenyon site). We also noticed that there was going to be an open house with free tours of the mill and free Johnny Cakes!!  How can you beat that?! Instead of charging admission, they asked for a donation of non-perishable food or  a clothing donation. Especially during challenging economic times, I am so grateful to the Drumm family for hosting such a wonderful event.  Many families are looking for ways to enjoy a day out.  I noticed they were offering more tours  throughout the summer for those that might be interested.

When I spoke with my Dad today he brought up the previous Kenyon Mill post and mentioned that he really liked the pictures so….here is another post of images from that day for all the Dads out there and to the Moms too!  

During the tour Paul Drumm III was describing the various equipment where the corn is ground including the wooden spindle  known as a damsel. While we were on the tour my Mom asked Paul a question.  “If the damsel has problems spinning around do they call it a damsel in distress?” People got a good chuckle out of that one!  She’s a quick witted lady!

I hope more people take the time to share special memories with the ones they love.  We can all make a difference in the life of someone else.  Even a small act of kindness can go a long way.  Random acts of kindness can multiply and we can change the world…one life at a time.


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I recently had one of those mornings.  A case of the Mondays as it were.  I groggily made my way to the kitchen in search of a cup of coffee.  I had purchased a pound of breakfast blend the night before and I was REALLY looking forward to cup.  I poured the water in the machine and opened the cupboard for a filter…ARGHHHH!  I forgot to buy filters!  A wiff of smoke came into my kitchen and I looked up.  I saw a man that lives behind me outside smoking.  I went onto my deck and said “excuse me.”  

He looked up surprised.

 “Do you by any chance have a paper cone shaped coffee filter?” Through half awake eyes I was hoping for my answer.

“No, sorry.  I have the other kind if you want to try that one.”

“Is it a large one?”  I figured I could make it work if it were large enough.

“No, it’s a small one.”

“Okay, thanks anyway.”

I made my way back into my apartment.  I knew what that meant.  I got dressed and began my walk to the nearest  store.   Good ol’ CVS.  I wandered around the store and then saw a salesman. As I explained my dilemma to him he lead me to the coffee filters.  “Didn’t you have any paper towels?” he asked as he gave a little chuckle. “Oh thanks, I’m out of those too”.  We both laughed at that one.

I stood there with a box of 100 white paper coffee filters.  A hundred filters, what am I going to do with a hundred filters?  As that was the only size box available I purchased my box and went home to make coffee.

 I kept thinking 100 FILTERS!  Seems like a lot.  Then I looked at the box and started to laugh.  I guess other people think the same way becasue CVS actually has a side panel on the box that says “Countless other great uses for CVS coffee filters!”

Yes, you heard it right here!  Here is the direct list taken from the box, only without the illustrations.

“Countless other great uses for CVS coffee filters!”

1. “Use for 100s of craft projects.”

2. “Keep foods fresher!  Wrap sandwiches or lettuce in coffee filter before wrapping in plastic.”

3. “They are lint-free.  Use them to clean glassware, fixtures and windows.”

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I am all about recycling and think that a washable reusable coffee filter is a great idea.  I just prefer to have the paper filter because it doesn’t let that fine settle through that I get with the permanent filter types.  Yes, I have tried them.  If you know of one that is fine enough that you don’t get that fine ground through that ends up in your cup, please let me know. 

The paper towel idea had me thinking.  I might try to make a filter out of old tee-shirt material.  It should be fine enough.  Washable and reusable.  I’ll let you know how I make out!

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This morning is the first day I have not had a pounding headache in days(have had a head-cold).  I reheated leftover coffee from yesterday, the perfect amount for one large cup.  Made my way to the computer to check my emails.  I usually take a peak at headlines and saw something about an animal video so I clicked the link to check it out.  I didn’t find it very funny.  THEN this one played and I found it hilarious and inspiring.   Maybe it is just because I am still waking up, but it made me laugh and I replayed it too!  Made me think, “hey, if this bird can get this kind of exercise for over 2 minutes straight then I can too!”  Now granted I know I need to exercise for more than 2 minutes straight but my POINT is I am left feeling inspired and light-hearted.  What a great way to begin a day.  I hope this does the same for you.  We need more good-natured laughter in the world.

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