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This has been a crazy week for me full of family stuff.  My Mother is going in for surgery(good vibes, good thoughts, or healing prayers for her are welcome and appreciated) and I have been trying to help her out a bit before she goes in because she has a month or two of recovery time ahead of her. That will be taking up much of my time for the next few weeks but I am going to do my best to fit in some crafting and art time too.  I have my camera with me and spring has definitely sprung so I look forward to capturing some of the beauty I see around me.  There are some beautiful trees, that I think my Mom said were ornamental pears, that have beautiful white blossoms on them.

I do have a few things to report for my Craft or Bust update:

Thank you for my Craft or Bust Award!  I really appreciate my special badge.  A round of applause to all the Craft or Bust participants.  You all have helped to inspire me to Craft or Bust!  I see new crafting adventures ahead for all of us!


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I had never participated in an Art Card Exchange before and I stumbled across this one for Imbolc.  I decided to listen to one of my favorite podcasts to get into the spirit of Imbolc.  The one I chose to listen to was the Imbolc podcast from the Celtic Myth Podshow.   Gary and Ruth tell wonderful and inspiring Celtic myths and legends.  If you have never heard them I highly recommend that you give them a listen.  At the very least I can say that I truly enjoy listening to them. I found their show at such a critical time in my life and listening to them offered me comfort and inspiration.  Thus I want to share with all of you the gift that I discovered…the gift of their show. Dear Gary & Ruth, you both have touched my life and my heart in ways you cannot possibly imagine.  I thank you both from the depths of my heart!

During the Celtic Myth Podshow (available on I-Tunes as Podcasts) from 2009 Imbolc celebrations there was a statement that just stuck with and inspired me. Ruth said “Blowing the bellows to increase the fire that would warm the cold earth”.  I immediately got a vision of  blowing bellows in my head and I jumped up to get out an assortment of decorative papers to begin the construction of my bellows.  Cutting, folding, and gluing I began to see the bellows come to life.  I constructed 20 individual flames to be incorporated into the card. The actual card itself went through several transformations and I made several card-stock foundations before I was happy.

I am excited about the experience because I not only made a bellows to warm the earth, I warmed my heart in the process. I am feeling inspired and grateful for the wonderful gift this Art Card Exchange has brought into my life.   So many thanks to Jen over at Chasing Domestic Bliss for organizing this Exchange. I am surprised that my card took so long to get to her. The post office required that I send it as a package because of the thickness of the envelope.  I didn’t want the paper bellows to get squished so I put a layer of bubble wrap into the envelope for protection. So, being a package, I had to fill out a Customs Form. I didn’t know Customs could take so long!  I am just going to trust that even though my card arrived late, it arrived when it was meant to arrive.

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