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This week has just flown by as I have been creating and crafting/arting away. Lol!  I said arting! Yeah, I know I am silly and that is okay.  Spending too much time being so serious has not exactly benefited me in the past so why carry it with me into the future?  That’s not to say that I do not have a serious side, believe me it is still there, but I am finding a balance.  I am learning what I need to let go of from my life and I am finding it to be a wonderfully profound experience.

I do not hide the fact that I find great inspiration from the beach. Last Sunday I was looking at the Yarnista blog post that was called “What will become of me?” It was a picture of some beautiful yarn that immediately reminded me of the shoreline in San Clemente.  I was so inspired that I left the following comment and I wanted to share it with all of you.

“I walk along the sandy shoreline and see your beauty filling my eyes and my heart. Taking off my shoes and socks my feet are covered in the embrace of your sparkly caresses. As I soak in your beauty not only through my eyes but with each step I take I am so hesitant to leave your companionship. I hear the roar of the waves as they momentarily alter out union, rushing in but unable to break our connection. I wander along feeling alternating kisses of warmth and cool upon my feet. What will become of you? I sit down with you and pull forth your loving colors, the colors of the shoreline, the colors of nature, the colors of the beach. You are not the colors of the sea, you are the colors of the earth as it meets the sea. My heart is open and embraces the beauty that resides within you. I work these colors into a beautiful shawl to wrap around my body as I envision the sandy shoreline hugging me in a lover’s embrace. A tear rolls down my cheek as we depart but I find my heart warms as I know I am embraced by your love.”

To see the photograph of the yarn that inspired this comment in me then click on the Yarnista link above.

Sometimes I forget that the beautiful beaches in San Clemente require maintenance.  Some of the walk ways to the beach fill up with beach sand and need to be shoveled out periodically.  Other areas need more heavy equipment to rearrange the sand.  Here is a prime example.

Time for my Craft or Bust update:

I am continuing to work on my 12×12 inch square.  Should be done within the next week and mailed by next Friday.

I am slowly making some progress on my Traveling Woman shawl for the TwitterKAL.

I took about 500 photographs that I need to sort through to upload to my Fine Art America Gallery.  Depending on time constraints it will take me a week or two to sort through them all and pick out the ones I like the best.

I finished my Art Card Exchange for Imbolc.  I have some pictures to share from that but not until it is received.  So later in this week I will post some pics and share more details about the process.

Well that is my update for now.  I am off to spend a little time with my family.  Have a great night.

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I am looking at the date showing on my computer and can hardly believe we are already a week into 2010.  I am still finding myself going to write 09 but I have been catching myself before I write the nine.  I discovered that it is easy to slip a 1 in front of the zero as long as I have not written in the 9 yet.  Last year I made my resolutions and am happy to say that I followed through on them to my satisfaction.  Towards the end of last year I began to contemplate the resolutions that I wanted to make for 2010. Then as the New Year came, an interesting thing happened….I no longer felt the desire to make a list of resolutions. Now this is not to say I am not making a few changes in my life but I am not as steadfast on establishing a set list. This year I have decided to make positive changes in my life as the opportunity unfolds before me.  I am not forcing the changes but being patient for them to evolve in a more natural way. So today I went for a leisurely walk down to the beach and it felt good, it felt right.  I listened to the birds and the waves.  I watched the “new mommies” working out in a group with their babies in strollers.  I watched the surfers waiting for waves and even catching a few too.  I watched the life in everything around me.  As I did this I could feel the life in me too.  It was peaceful.

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I comment quite a bit to my husband about there not being any fibery type of events to attend in southern California.  Well as luck would have it I stumbled across the Southern California Handweavers’ Guild Spinning and Weaving Festival while doing some on-line searching.  I decided I really needed to make the trip north to Torrance and give the So Cal fiber scene a shot. The location at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center was easy to find and there was plenty of free parking.  The line to pay the 5 dollar admission was short and I was instructed that there were 3 separate rooms for the event.

I figured I would make my way into the closest room first and headed through the first door.  The first booth I encountered when I walked through the door had beautifully hand crafted hats and yarns on display.  I conversed for a little while with the lady behind the counter, then being the blogger(and shutterbug) that I am, remembered that I had brought my camera with me to document this momentous so cal fiber event.  I asked the woman behind the table if I could take a few pictures and she said she would ask the owner.  The woman from behind the counter went to the owner and asked if I could take pictures and they spoke back and forth for a moment as she pointed me out to the owner.  The owner glanced at me, turned away and they spoke for another moment. The  woman very politely came back to me and said that the owner did not want me to take pictures and then thanked me for asking. So that was my introduction to the the Spinning and Weaving Festival.  Shut down by my local(since I live in the county they are from) fiber people. I remembered how friendly all the fiber people in Maine were just last month. I wondered if all the vendors at this event would be the same way as the owner of the first booth I encountered.  I put my chin up and continued through the event. I realized I do have the ability to write and describe an event even if I don’t have photographs of certain things.  Persevere my blog followers and read on because the event gets MUCH BETTER!

Continuing into the event there were booths with beads and buttons, roving, hand-spun yarn, hand painted yarn, commercial yarns, you name it this event seemed to have it! At this point I still had not gotten the nerve up to ask about more photos of anyone. I noticed a sign on a little booth tucked in the corner of the room for  Fiber Arts in Whittier.  I decided to check out that area of the room and boy am I glad I did! I noticed a woman sitting in front of a spinning wheel while using a paperclip to demonstrate spinning.  She asked the woman that she was demonstrating for to grab the center of the single ply that she had spun.  The woman obliged and then the demonstrator took the two ends together and the yarn spun around itself to form a two ply yarn.  I watched and listened to this woman until a moment came for me to have the opportunity to speak with her.  She is a vibrant wonderful soul that is eighty-nine years old. I didn’t believe her when she told me her age and I asked her if that was REALLY her age.  She confirmed it.   This breath of fresh air is a spinner named Mary Frances Eves. I cannot fully express just what an impact this woman had on me. Not only did she pick up my spirits from my first impression of this event she renewed my hope of finding a friendly fiber community in southern California! She is a retired school teacher that is now a professional clown.  She graduated from Clown College and everything.  She consistently made me smile as she told me stories and jokes and gave me a tremendous joy to be alive. She explained that she has grown her own cotton to process and spin so she could make a garment (I  believe she said it was a sweater).  She had a lined handbag that she had made from spun dog hair that she had dyed with Kool Aid.  She won a prize at the county fair for that piece.

I asked Mary Frances if I could take pictures of her spinning and she said “Sure, why not?”. Mary Frances you are a joy to be around. Simply by typing the word ‘joy’ I  remember your “pride and joy” and it brings a smile to my face!

If you look at the empty chair beside Mary Frances in the photo you can see a small glimpse of her bag made from spun dog hair.  Spending time with her lifted my spirits and I feel so inspired by her. I hope everyone reading this has the opportunity to spend time with her someday.  I hope to see you again!

I could have easily spent ALL day with her but there were other people waiting to speak with her as well so I decided I should continue to make my way through the festival.

I do have more to write regarding the festival and I will post more in the next few days.

I have decided to join the National Novel Writing Month for November. I will probably refer to it as NaNo or NaNoWriMo from here on out.  Since I have already missed a few days this month and I still have not written one word for it but have written over one thousand just for this blog post I figure I should go meet my word quota for NaNoWriMo for today.  If I write at least two thousand words a day then I can make the deadline at the end of the month.  Check out the site all you budding or would-be-writers.  It costs nothing to join and gives you a sweet little kick-in-the-behind to try living a dream.

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My heart was in Rhode Island this weekend at the Kenyon’s Gristmill Harvest Festival. My body, on the other hand, was sick in California! Sinus problems seem to be going around judging by the amount of sneezing I hear coming from my neighbors. I was still debating if I was going to make the trip on Friday morning but I was feeling a bit run-down and decided against the long flight. I did manage to attend a local art and fashion show on Saturday night called Night & Day. It was a fun night. I would give you a link but I do not believe they have a website. I guess the fresh air must have been too much for me LOL as I spent all day Sunday first sneezing then sleeping from allergy meds.
BUT on a much more pleasant note…I WAS just recently in New England! I had planned to make two trips to Rhode Island in October, but only my first trip came into fruition. It was an amazing trip. Last year I had been too early for the fabulous, and might I add legendary, New England Fall Foliage. This year I watched the weather reports, checked in with my family and friends back east, foliage reports and updates on the web. I took an educated guess, put my cards on the table, and booked my flight. As luck would have it, my timing turned out to be perfect for amazing foliage! I gratefully began my journey by heading to Maine with Christian. He is a great friend that was totally up for an adventure, we spent several days exploring northern New England for foliage areas to shoot and had tons of time to catch-up as we hadn’t seen each other in awhile.   We found a great little restaurant to have lunch, and surprise surprise they had a lobster lunch special!(I think 9 out of 10 restaurants had a lobster special on their boards!)

Lobsta!Toni, who lives in Maine, had some great insights into the coastal areas of Maine that were in beautiful color. Guided by Toni(thanks Toni!), Christian and I stumbled upon the 3rd Annual Pumpkinfest in Damariscotta. What a lively little town! Giant pumpkins lined the streets waiting to be carved, decorated, and painted.  Here is one of the entrants for the competition.

King Elder's Pub

There were many artists working on carvings and here is one that I particularly liked the direction I was seeing it going.

Carving in progress.The artist working on this one is a designer.  She has some great clothing designs on her website but I think many are sold out right now. She does have some jewelry currently in stock and it is sure worth a visit to her website. I’m sure she would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding her designs!  We were asked if we were going to stay for the Pumpkin Regatta….that’s right, the Pumpkin Regatta! We didn’t stay for it but I found pictures on this blog for the http://damariscottapumpkinfest.blogspot.com/. They actually carve out huge pumpkins to make boats. It is definitely worth a look! They also have links to some great pumpkin recipes too!

I also popped into a local little yarn store called Pine Tree Yarns. Yarn Store in Maine If you are ever in Damariscotta you should definitely pop in and check out this store! Loaded with local Maine Fiber and a delightful array of hand dyed fiber. Unfortunately I cannot find the card for the wonderful woman that was working the store that day! I believe she said it was run by 5 fiber artists(I should have taken notes, forgive me if I get the info wrong, but feel free to contact me for corrections). The woman working that day specialized in weaving. She told us about a nearby Art Walk and a great fiber studio so we headed to Topsham to check out the Maine Fiberarts. The sun was setting as we arrived in Topsham so I couldn’t  take any more foliage pictures.

I love to do fiberwork although I would definitely say I am a novice in that department. I had a great time at the Maine Fiberarts studio, another place you should definitely check out! They were so knowledgeable and friendly! I wish I was closer to attend their events!

Well time to go make some dinner!  Much more news to come!!!!

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Who is this costumed couple? Mr. & Mrs. Darensbourg

It is Varuna & Michelle Darensbourg! This special moment was captured by Steve Magana(thanks Steve!). I will be busily working away on the computer this week.  Not only do I have many updates regarding the Netherworld Art Show but I also have a few changes in store for this website. I have a large new body of work some of which I will be making available on this website as well as adding different images to my Fine Art America on-line gallery.  I just returned last week from a photography trip traversing New England. So for those that love photographs from New England, particularly this time of year, you are in for a treat! The timing of my trip seems perfect as I just heard they had snow, wind, and rain  there the other day knocking down many of the leaves!  I was able to capture the quintessential New England Fall Foliage.

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As I slowly free space up on my computer, I get closer to October 16th.  That is the day or should I say night that marks the Artist reception of The Netherworld Art Show.  The show is taking place at the San Clemente Art Supply’s Green Flash Gallery. The shows are up and down in a flash…literally!  The show opens on Friday the 16th from 6PM-11PM featuring a catered artist reception. Additional hours for viewing will take place on October 17th from 10AM-5PM and then the show comes down. With the show being the main thing in my life and on my mind right now, there will be many blogs about the show and updates between now and then.  Only two weeks to go! Sneak Peak at the Emerald UniverseI am figuring out the final touches on my costume for the reception.  Maybe not as crazy as some of my costumes of the past but still a fun one. No frozen pieces of ice hanging off my face and hair!  I might post a few sneak peeks of my costume before the Artist reception…..maybe…..  Hope you can join us that evening!

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I knew the Fiesta was today, but still I had it in my head that I was going to get my veggies at the Farmers Market.  I got there to see the roads blocked off but was still hoping that I would see my favorite veggie stand setup. No luck.  Instead I decided I had to take my camera out and snap a few pictures.  My Dad loves looking at old cars. So Dad, here are a few pics for you.  And also some pics for others reading too!

There are still many hours left so if you read this in time and are nearby, check it out!  There was also a firetruck that was letting kids go inside the truck and giving out red plastic firefighter hats to the little kids. I think going into a firetruck is an awesome experience for a kid( and maybe some adults too).  I have to say that I have had the pleasure to meet several firefighters locally and they were all great guys.

OH! I almost forgot to add that outside the Fiesta there were some kids selling lemonade and homemade cookies.  I had to stop and get two glasses. 🙂

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