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I am slowly updating this website to reflect more current things in my life. First thing that regular visitors may  notice is that I have added a “Massage/Bodywork” tab above. This tab and the pages connected to it are a loving work in progress. One I could have done last year, but for some reason the time just didn’t feel right until now.  So, the updates begin and I will allow myself plenty of time to get the pages to convey my information as heartfelt and accurate as possible. Massage/bodywork/energy work/healing  all come from my heart and it is important to me to try to present it via written word  as appropriate to that place.  Therefore I am giving myself the gift of time and patience to complete the updates.

I feel like the little bee in this picture. I have been out collecting all this pollen and now it is time to make my way back to the hive. If you look closely it almost looks like legwarmers, 80s flashback moment!

I am still waiting for the winner announcements from Organic Gardening Magazine. Ahh patience is a virtue!


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