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7-8-9 As timing worked out today is the launching of my on-line gallery!  I know it has been in the works for quite some time.  Thank you for all your support and patience!  Here is my first email regarding the new gallery….if you didn’t receive it in your email account that means I don’t have your email! If you would like to receive it please use the contact form tab and send me a request.  I would be happy to send you updates!

July 8th, 2009 – 01:32 PM

 My new on-line gallery!

Welcome to the premiere of my on-line art gallery. Why an on-line art gallery? The basis of my friends and family has grown worldwide and I find my sense of community growing as well. What better way to share my artwork with all of you than through the Internet? As a seeker, I am continually searching for ways to break boundaries particularly those self-imposed. So here we are, the boundaries of space are broken. Time zones and physical locations no longer hinder this sharing.

 Several months ago I gave a friend a private showing of some of my photographs. She told me, “You need to stop hoarding your art and share it with the world!” After several long face-to-face discussions with people on both sides of the United States, I found the gumption to commit to my on-line gallery.

 We begin this first journey by pausing to breathe in the moment and taking a closer look. Looking at the pauses, we experience moments in time captured through photography. This first collection is filled with peaceful moments of solitude as well as memories with friends.

 During this summer I will begin my themed art shows on-line that will include an interactive artist reception. I will have a designated time where I will be available for live chatting to answer any questions you may have or just share the experience in real time. Watch for more details!

 I will also continue to participate in physical shows too! I have one fiber piece in progress for a group show in Australia and more! Check my blogs for updates.

 Thank you for all your support and encouragement.

 This Art Gallery Blog will keep you up to date on my current and upcoming art events. I also publish a weekly blog that is a smattering of my life activities and thoughts. (You are already reading that one..lol!)

Welcome to the journey!




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