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This has been a crazy week for me full of family stuff.  My Mother is going in for surgery(good vibes, good thoughts, or healing prayers for her are welcome and appreciated) and I have been trying to help her out a bit before she goes in because she has a month or two of recovery time ahead of her. That will be taking up much of my time for the next few weeks but I am going to do my best to fit in some crafting and art time too.  I have my camera with me and spring has definitely sprung so I look forward to capturing some of the beauty I see around me.  There are some beautiful trees, that I think my Mom said were ornamental pears, that have beautiful white blossoms on them.

I do have a few things to report for my Craft or Bust update:

Thank you for my Craft or Bust Award!  I really appreciate my special badge.  A round of applause to all the Craft or Bust participants.  You all have helped to inspire me to Craft or Bust!  I see new crafting adventures ahead for all of us!

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Another week has passed as quickly as the blink of an eye.  My main project this week has been learning to use a spindle.  I began my adventures into spinning by a trip to the library to check out Intertwined by Lexi Boeger and Color in Spinning by Deb Menz.  The Boeger book I have already renewed once.  I have to admit that so far I have really only been flipping through these books and my intention is to actually read more of them before they need to be returned.  I was ready to make my own spindle and watched several tutorials on ideas for making them but then I received a surprise from my Sis-in-law Velma(three cheers for Velma! Hip hip hurray!I can’t thank you enough!) and now I have my very first spindle! What would a spindle be without fiber?  Well Velma also took care of that and sent me a beautiful bunch for fiber(see pics).  I was tad reserved about jumping in and using the beautifully colored fiber so I dug out the small bag of fiber I picked up at the Torrance festival.  Next I watched several You Tube videos. This one and this one by Abby Franquemont got me started with the spindle. You can see my first single ply in the pics below. Next I re-watched this video Velma made for YouTube. This gave me the courage to try my ColorBomb creations fibers.  I also joined up for the Spin-A-Long for Colorbomb Creation fibers on Ravelry(you need to be a member of Ravelry to see this link). After watching this video by Megan LaCore, I plied the two strands together, thus giving me my first two ply art yarn. I know I watched another video but I can’t seem to find it now but they gave a tip about running the single ply through the handle of a coffee mug to help with the tension.  Look through some of the other videos on YouTube and you might find it.  There is SO much information out there just try a few searches.  Now I just need to figure out how to set the twist and I’m good to go! There is a lot I still need to learn and I am looking forward to the journey. So I don’t get too wordy I am going to stop here and show you the visual yumminess of yarn now in my home.

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