So here I am pondering my blog……this year I have not been as consistent as last year.  2010 has presented me with many new challenges.  I find myself wondering where to take this website.  I figure I still have a week to decide and it can always continue to evolve along the way.  But, for now, I will take some more time to breathe.  Reflect, dream, and breathe my way through the last few days of 2010.  In doing so, I extend to all of you heartfelt wishes for a happy, safe, and joyous holiday season and New Year. Cheers!



The hair color has morphed yet again but no pictures yet, lol!  Maybe tomorrow 🙂 In the meanwhile here is a picture of Laguna Beach.



It’s 10/10/10 … what are you doing today?  Me? Well, I began the day with some shopping for vegetables at the local Farmer’s Market. Decided to skip the local festivals happening down the street and went back home. As I sat drinking a cup of coffee, Iwas inspired by my friend Jordan.  She recently colored the ends of her hair pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. I told her I might get a new color too so I dug out the tube of hair color that has been in my closet forever and decided to go for it.  The color was labeled a blond burgundy(not quite pink but an interesting color). I started with the idea of yet another two-tone do.  Here is a prep shot of that.

I divided the hair and pulled what I was not going to color on top.  The lower hair I pulled into a loose bun so I could easily put a layer of vasoline around the hairline of my neck as well as my ears.  Then I decided to do around my entire hairline because I got this idea to edge my bangs in the color. I didn’t realize just how long the back of my hair had gotten and it made me glad I extended the vasoline down my neck a bit so it avoided being stained by the color.  I added a few streaks of color down the top portion of my head and even combed through the color there.  Not too sure I like the effect of the comb-through but you don’t know unless you try!  So here is a quick shot after of me ah-natural…well, not that my colored hair is natural!  This is just my personal experiments in coloring my own hair.  I am not a hair professional. Ask a professional if you need help!


I seem to be more about posting pictures here lately than I am about actually writing much of a blog post.  I have been feeling more introspective than anything else.  I do have a  few pics to share and I’ll put a caption under them so there is a tad more to read, lol! Between school, studying, library, and day-to-day stuff, I haven’t had much free time lately.  I do have some art and fiber related projects floating around in my head so hopefully you will see more about that here soon.

It’s that time of year when tofu cheesecake with fresh blackberries must be made in my kitchen.  Mainly because that is my husband’s favorite and August is his celebratory month. Happy birthday!  This year brought a new challenge, a gluten and dairy free crust for the cheesecake.  I headed over to Stella Lucy’s Gluten free shop and asked for a suggestion for a crust.  They sold a graham crumbs package that was perfect for a crust.  Here is the quick version of my process as told in photographs.

Now the hard part….letting it chill overnight!

Here it is August and I haven’t posted in a long time.  Thank you for those that emailed me to check in and make sure I was okay. I am embarking on a new path in life and finding my footing was proving challenging. I have a bunch of partial drafts that have been started during my absence but they just don’t seem applicable anymore.  This one is getting a mini editing job, the dust wiped off and seeing the light of day. So without further ado, here is a new to you but older to me blog post.

I have been knitting.  Yes knitting, well among many other things. I would say this week is my re-entry into working some crafting time back into my daily weekly life. Honestly I have knitted at least a few rows every day on the baby item I made.  I have never used sock weight yarn before.  I selected this particular yarn, Berroco Sox because of the color and the fact that it says it is machine washable. I asked the woman at the yarn store if it would be soft  enough to make something for a baby and she assured me it would.  I will say that the yarn feels softer in the un-knit state.  I do love the way it is working up.  The kimono is for a special friend.  She has a fantastic sense of style and when a saw this pattern I knew this was what I wanted to make for her baby.  She had also mentioned she was open to colors other than the traditional baby colors so here is my creation for her. Lovingly knit for a woman that brings a smile to my heart when I think of her.

The pattern is by Joji Locatelli.  I found the pattern on Ravelry here.  Joji also has blog were she has some beautiful work posted so here is a link to check that out too.  I did change up a few things to the pattern but I need to give her credit for the base of the entire sweater.  I followed her pattern but omitted the button holes and added an extra band around the bottom.  Thanks for the great pattern Joji!  I just wasn’t ready to try button holes, lol!  For those on Ravelry you can find more details about my project on my projects page.

Some time has passed since the Rhode Island Fiber Festival at Coggeshall Farm.  I really wanted to post a few pictures  and share what  wonderful day that I had at the farm.  There are many photographs posted here but I kept them small to help with the upload time.  The people that I met were friendly and super informative.  I watched a demonstration on the treatment of processing and spinning  flax.  The gentleman that did the demonstration was awesome! I enjoyed the demo so much, I watched it several times throughout the day!  Here are some pics I hope you enjoy viewing.  If you ever have the opportunity I suggest you go check out Coggeshall Farms If you knit or sew check out their website for volunteer opportunities!